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Fishing for compliments

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Much as I appreciated the pleasant young woman who helped me out with my iPod problem at the Apple store on Regent Street yesterday, (my iPod Classic stopped playing music, and wouldn’t restore factory settings, so she gave me a replacement for free), there’s something a teeny bit smug and fishing-for-compliments about the follow-up email they send, right? (detail above, full view of email here.) Or is it just me being a cynical fucker?

Written by Craig

November 21st, 2008 at 4:07 pm

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  1. Just having the name “Genius Bar” is reason enough to call them smug. “We’re smart and you are not” is what it’s saying.
    I do find them quite nice and very helpful when you do interact with them but you don’t get that feeling just looking at the email…

    dana constance

    21 Nov 08 at 19:08

  2. The last time I had dealings with a ‘Genius’, I took in my almost dead iPod (still played music but my Mac / iTunes wouldn’t recognise it) and he said “I’m surprised it still works at all.” Why? Because it was THREE years old.
    And then when I bought something else, they asked for my email. When I said I didn’t want to give it to them as I didn’t want spam from them, the guy rolled his eyes and said they were going ‘paperless’ with their receipts; like I was killing the planet by not agreeing. (I think paper receipts is kind of the bottom of a long list of things they need to correct to save the planet).
    And I’m still a sucker for Apple


    23 Nov 08 at 19:25

  3. I went to the “Genius bar” with my MacBook, it reset the system, they didn’t know what to do, they offered no help at all apart from, “have you tried resetting it” and “you may have to reinstall the whole OS”
    I feel Googling things is more use than a bunch of up themselves tossers.

    Luke Weyman

    24 Nov 08 at 23:38

  4. I know what you mean…They are really good at the apple store, no need to ask for compliments!

    I still can remember how they replace my ipod for a new one back in 2005. I miss walking down Regent St!

    How are you? Wish I could tell you everything is great here but it is not the case…

    Send you a big hug.

    Lau x


    26 Nov 08 at 21:20

  5. They’re not the only ones. Whenever I call may cable company, the conversation ends w/ the operator asking me to rate his or her performance. A bit annoying, and on the spot putting, I must admit. Everbody gets a 10! We’re all perfect!


    4 Dec 08 at 23:24

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