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Public service announcement

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I’ve been aware of these for a while, but a few people have mentioned them over the past couple of weeks, so just in case you’ve seen them and were wondering: no, I didn’t draw the Weenicons stuff that is on sale in card/book shops in the UK.

Anyway, I saw them with my own eyes for the first time yesterday. Far be it from me to suggest that they look like copies of the Lollipops stuff I did, because – legally – they’re not really like each other, but, y’know, I do get asked about it…

Ho hum.

Written by Craig

November 13th, 2008 at 2:21 am

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  1. I think they totally stole your stuff and you should sue their asses!


    13 Nov 08 at 05:14

  2. I agree, but theirs is rubbish with no soul


    13 Nov 08 at 07:11

  3. The Urban Graphic website (home of this ‘brand’) states:
    “We pride ourselves on producing cards that are high-quality and as original as possible in this been-there, done-that, didn’t-I-see-that-on-a-bumper-sticker world.”

    So they *have tried* to be as original as possible – it’s just really, really hard in this been-there, done-that, didn’t-I-see-that-in-The-Observer-Music-Monthly-years-ago world.


    13 Nov 08 at 07:25

  4. I saw these cards in Borders while I was in the UK earlier this year and even went off on a little rant to the person I was with about how they were total rip-offs of your guys. It’s both infuriating and totally depressing. Sigh.

    Julie Ryan

    13 Nov 08 at 09:18

  5. Have been giving these evil looks on your behalf for a long time.


    13 Nov 08 at 09:52

  6. Have you spoken to a lawyer? I think you should!


    13 Nov 08 at 11:50

  7. yours are better


    13 Nov 08 at 11:54

  8. This is generic rubbish. The original (which is yours) isn’t. And I think everyone will know that.


    13 Nov 08 at 12:20

  9. The way they have cunningly disguised the pinched idea for the Beatles, for example, by putting the eyes *on* is particularly limp.
    Sue them for limpness! (Limpidity?)
    I think this is possible under English law.


    13 Nov 08 at 15:37

  10. Fuck me. I wonder if the person responsible for producing these has any shame whatsoever?

    Surely they must feel a teeny bit guilty?

    “Hi honey, how was your day”
    “Good thanks. I ripped off another artist’s work in a shameless profit exercise. The ironic thing is, must of that profit goes to my gangmaster bosses, rather than me, the ‘artist’.”
    “Oh darling, I’m so proud.”


    13 Nov 08 at 15:53

  11. Sue the bastards!


    13 Nov 08 at 19:16

  12. I know legally you can’t comment (or something), and I’ve mentioned this before – but if they’d at least looked at a cover of Sgt Pepper and redrawn the Beatles from there rather than tracing your exact design, adding a couple of eyes and swapping the colour of Paul and Ringo’s tunics, they might be able SLIGHTLY look at their reflection in the mirror every morning..

    Oh actually, hang on… Ringo’s got a bottom-lip goatee thing. My mistake, it’s a completely different design.


    13 Nov 08 at 20:44

  13. Gaah, sorry bout that. I get annoyed when I see this poo. I noticed these ages ago too. This lots other ‘speciality’ seems to be putting quotes from people on the front of cards, and… ah… doing nothing else… I did keep this one from Kurt Vonnegut though.

    “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”

    They seem to have taken it to heart.

    Conor Cahill

    13 Nov 08 at 23:42

  14. Erk, they’re like really shit South Park versions of yours.

    If I see any of these in a shop I’m going to turn them to the wall in solidarity.


    13 Nov 08 at 23:49

  15. I’m writing a letter of complaint to those mo-fo’s!


    14 Nov 08 at 03:32

  16. I agree with Natalie. These have no soul.

    And, what’s up with that name? Weenicons? What?

    I haven’t seen them, but if I do, I will be turning them to the wall…AND…I might write a letter of complaint.


    14 Nov 08 at 18:26

  17. Actually, I take that back… they didn’t swap the colour of the tunics


    17 Nov 08 at 16:20

  18. […] I would say the “influence” is fairly obvious. Having experienced this sort of stuff before, because the work isn’t directly stolen, it’d be actually quite difficult to sue God or […]

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