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Sassenachs vs Jocks

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Sports event No.35 of the year, another football game, but this time an international fixture: England Under 16s vs Scotland Under 16s at Lincoln City’s ground, Sincil Bank. There were 5,118 other people braving the cold, foggy night to watch what may turn out to be the stars of the future. It was only three quid a ticket, but still, an impressive turn out.

As you might imagine, the spectators were mainly supporting the English team, but there were a few Scotch Jocks here and there, not doing a very good job at blending in with us normal people.

Arsenal’s Benik Afobe put England 1-0 up after ten minutes, then some more football happened, and then it was half time. Lincoln City’s cheereleaders Impact, (City’s nickname is the Imps, thus the name), came on, stood really far apart in a big circle, and did some thoroughly rubbish dancing. They weren’t even in cheerleadery clothes, they were wearing tracksuits. A guy sat a few rows behind me put it slightly more succinctly, shouting “Get yer baps out!”

Second half begins, some other English dude scores a goal. The Imperial masters are up 2-0 over our northern foes, extinguishing hopes of some sort of Battle of Bannockburn type thing.

2-0 was the final score, England win the Victory Shield (a mini tournament between us, them, Wales, and Northern Ireland) with three wins, nine goals, and no goals conceded.

Anyway, I’m only joshing, Scotland; sorry about making fun of you. I think you’re lovely really. Here’s a pic of those Scottish chaps from before who briefly got to hold up their banner where the Sky Sports cameras might see them, before being escorted away. They were more than happy to pose for me outside the ground, though. I’m assuming it’s all to do with this.

While I see their point, I do think it’s a little sad that we Brits don’t have a football team in the Olympics, and if there’s one place to put our sporting differences aside, surely the Olympics is it, right?

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November 29th, 2008 at 12:52 am

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  1. I thought that “Sassenach” was what Scots call folks from other places…”outlanders”…is that wrong?


    29 Nov 08 at 18:43

  2. As far as I know, it’s what they call us nasty English.
    More details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sassenach


    29 Nov 08 at 23:11

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