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06:17 That was a damn fine speech. Jesse Jackson’s still crying in the crowd. Michelle Obama just gave her husband a sweet little kiss. I imagine it’s fairly safe to say that he’s getting lucky tonight. Right, on that rather inappropriate note, I’ll bid y’all a good night.

06:15 “This is our moment, this is our time.”

06:10 This Barack dude sounds alright.

06:02 Woo! A left-handed smoker in the White House!

06:00 Your new president is speaking. More importantly, I just threw my empty cigarette packet right into the bin, which is about 12 feet away. Slam dunk!

05:53 Electoral votes, Obama 338 McCain 156

05:49 Who am I kidding? This is too exciting to be able to sleep yet. It’s funny to me how the general election in a country of 300 million can be decided earlier in the evening than many a post-season baseball game. Obama’s on his way to Grant Park to make a speech that I’m sure we’ll be watching for many years to come.

05:27 Right, time for bed. Night, night.

05:25 McCain’s concession speech is actually nice and dignified. Good on him.

05:20 Congratulations, America. We were rooting for you tonight, and you did it. You fucking did it!

05:19 McCain’s concession speech is live on telly now.

05:17 Oh fuck, seeing Jesse Jackson crying is making my lip go a bit wobbly.

05:16 Florida is Obama’s.

05:14 Colorado‘s gone to Obama.

05:11 AP is reporting that McCain has called Obama to concede.

05:10 Aaaww, lovely Rachel’s a bit weepy. C’mere, sweety pie.

05:08 So, Barack’s the next president; they’re still fighting in Iraq, Osama bin Laden’s still on the loose, the economy still sucks: that’s what happens when you elect a terrorist, Arab, Muslim, America-hater…

05:06 CNN and Fox News have both called it now. I imagine the fingers must’ve been like arthritic claws typing that on foxnews.com. Lots of very very happy people, live shots from many different places.

05:04 “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” is being played now. Fucking amazing.

05:02 Wow. Grant Park looks fantastic now. The joy on the faces is amazing. I’m a bit of a sucker for seeing people totally happy like this. It’s brilliant.

05:00 MSNBC just called it. Barack Obama wins the presidency!

05:00 Seems like MSNBC is on the verge of calling it for Obama. Chris Matthews keeps saying “soon” and “in a couple of minutes” like he really wants to call it. And they’re talking glowingly about the nation’s ability to elect an African-American. I wonder if this means that Florida is on the verge of flipping…?

04:56 The neighbourhood rooster is cock-a-doodle-doo-ing. It almost sounds like he’s saying “B’rack-a-bama-ba.” Almost.

04:52 Okay, I’m actually gonna go for a wee now instead of pissing the bed.

04:43 I need a wee.

04:41 Ooh, MSNBC do have a map on the ice at “Election Plaza.” No figure skaters, sadly, just blokes brushing red and blue state-shaped stickers onto it. They missed a trick there; who wouldn’t want the added gravitas of glitter-coated, smiling, figure skaters dancing the results?

04:38 Obama 207 McCain 138 Yet to be called 81. MSNBC just called it a “one-sided affair.” Woo.

04:33 Hey, Michelle Obama’s brother is called Craig Robinson. That makes me more or less family.

04:23 Obama’s expected 200 electoral votes called so far mean that it should kinda be won now, assuming that California, Oregon, Washington, and his home state of Hawaii go his way.

04:21 Yay. Elizabeth Dole lost in North Carolina.

04:18 I wonder how many other countries have the more right wing party represented on maps in red.

04:16 Trousers off, under the duvet: election bloggin’ after hours style.

04:12 If Obama can win Indiana that’d be a lovely big splash of blue all the way from Maine to Minnesota. It’s close, MSNBC.com says 50-49 in favour of McCain. MSNBC television is refusing to call until all votes are counted. 75% counted so far.

04:09 I’ve run out of beer.

04:05 So far: Pollster.com – Obama 200 McCain 128; BBC News – Obama 207 McCain 135; MSNBC – Obama 207 McCain 129.

04:00 Iowa flips to Obama, Utah goes to McCain. Too close in Montana, the Hannah state. 51/48 in favour of Obama after 64% of votes counted in Florida.

03:51 My desktop is a real mess of browser windows right now (click image to see it full-size):

03:47 BBC News says Obama 200 McCain 124. They’ve got Texas called on their map.

03:44 I’m guessing, if the time zones were reversed, there wouldn’t be many people in the States awake at quarter-to-four in the morning watching a Belgian election. Which, I think, means I deserve a green card, please Mr. Obama.

03:41 Oh man, the crowd at Grant Park looks ace. Barack Obama is at home, apparently, having dinner. Honestly, if that was me, there’s no way I could be eating anything. Unless they’ve got some Coco Pops.

03:40 And Wyoming looks like a placeholder graphic.

03:38 I love it when they flash up the map of Kansas; like a cereal box on its side with the corner nibbled by rats.

03:34 The longer this night goes on, the more Rachel Maddow’s likely to be my, ahem, dream-time sweetener.

03:31 Five more electoral votes for Obama, who wins New Mexico.

03:27 Electoral votes so far: Obama 195 McCain 76. Just 80 more, Barack, just 80 more. 73 of those should be his along the west coast, in California, Oregon, and Washington. Not feeling so tired now.

03:25 There are bandwidth and transfer limits in Belgium. And it’s expensive here, too. Why the hell has my neighbour got no password on his/her wifi?

03:22 And just as I say that, Obama flips Ohio from red to blue! Yay!

03:21 I’m refusing to bow to pessimism, but, c’mon already with a red state going blue!

03:19 Obama wins Connecticut, which is quite a difficult word to type fast. I also find Milwaukee difficult to type fast, cos I tend to do a double K instead of a double E most of the time.

03:15 51/48 after 49% in Florida.

03:13 I wonder what Bush is doing right now. Probably watching ESPN Classic.

03:10 They should have some bands on this coverage; spice things up a bit.

03:06 Arkansas goes McCain. I’m getting tired.

03:05 I’ve got pins and needles in my feet.

03:03 Too close to call in Florida. 45% of the vote in, Barack up by 5%.

03:02 John McCain wins Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming; Barack Obama wins New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. Too close to call in McCain’s Arizona.

02:57 Polls closing in some other states shortly. Fingers crossed for Franken in Minnesota, if only to potentially see Bill O’Reilly’s head explode with anger.

02:55 Delay’s already beating the drum of fear. Cunt.

02:54 First class cunt Tom Delay is on now. Cunt. Cunt. Utter, utter cunt.

02:53 Gonna keep an eye on proverbs and cliches. First up, David Axelrod: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

02:50 Not sure what it is, but there’s something quite sexy about Rachel Maddow.

02:47 Even if he’s just a man in a suit working as Obama’s chief campaign strategist, I can’t help put project the cool of his namesake onto David Axelrod.

02:46 I wish Chris Morris were d
oing a Day Today election show…

02:44 Fox’s website is really ugly.

02:41 It amuses me to think that there’s likely to be nobody reading this stuff.

02:40 Obama supporters filling up Grant Park in Chicago where, hopefully, they’ll be celebrating. Nice park, that.

02:35 McCain wins Georgia. A nice healthy chunk of red between Kentucky and South Carolina.

02:34 Five percent of the popular vote is in: Obama’s got 50%, McCain 49%. It’s a landslide!

02:33 John Kerry’s won Massachusetts. Aaaah, cute.

02:31 Some dude, live at McCain HQ, is laughing. Mentalist.

02:29 The milk in my bowl of Coco Pops has turned from white to brown. Is my milk trying to tell me something? Am I putting psychic presidential milk down my neck?

02:25 Hurrah! Coco Pops. I’m using a smaller bowl than one would normal like, and I think I’ve got an uneven amount of pops to milk. More top election coverage after my late night breakfast snack, all washed down with a nice cold Corona. Yum.

02:20 Another ad break, so I’m going downstairs – that’s two whole floors, people! – to get me some Coco Pops.

02:17 On states that are too close to call, MSNBC has them in yellow. Mississippi in yellow, looks like a side profile of C. Montgomery Burns.

02:16 Someone called Dick Durbin wins his seat in Illinois. I was gonna laugh at his name, then they said his daughter died this last weekend, so no chuckles for me.

02:14 Seemingly no live stream on Fox, and CNN wants me to install something. Sod that.

02:12 Way too much buffering though. Gonna check out some other stuff. Wonder if Fox have called the election for McCain yet..?

02:11 Five blokes around a rather nice desk. Pleastantly subdued after the headfuck of noise and colours on MSNBC.

02:09 Changed to the BBC, see how that’s going. Buffering at the moment, so I’m just gonna pretend there’s some blokes sipping tea, calling it “the colonies.”

02:06 Jerky streaming at the moment. That’s what I get for stealing a neighbour’s wifi.

02:05 Rachel Maddow is the voice of reason: Obama’s not won any of Bush’s states yet.

02:03 Too close to call in Florida, the dong state, but with 0% of the votes in, MSNBC are calling Pennsylvania an Obama win. Yip. Pee.

02:00 My God, they’re projecting things all over the place. New Hampshire and Maine and some others to Obama. Some places down south to McCain.

01:58 OMG! Polls are closing in some states in, like, a minute or so.

01:57 Bored of this already.

01:53 MSNBC is coming live from “Election Plaza.” It looks like an ice rink with flags around it. They missed a trick there, they could’ve had skaters dressed in red and blue on a big icy map.

01:52 Queues to vote in some state are quite literally as long as really long queues for stuff.

01:49 McCain’s taken Kentucky which actually looks like a piece of fried chicken on the map. Obama’s got one of the little states that aren’t big enough on web map graphics.

01:45 Woop de doop. Watching MSNBC’s live web coverage, a couple of Coronas by the bed, a full pack o’ smokes. Let’s try a live blog experiment (cos I know you come here for your US Election ’08 coverage).

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November 5th, 2008 at 1:45 am

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  1. The sexy thing about Rachel Maddow is that she and Olbermann can both rock the same haircut.

    A. Yzsaakc

    5 Nov 08 at 02:56

  2. I wonder if that means I have a crush on Keith, too?


    5 Nov 08 at 03:09

  3. Breaking news from Honolulu! A (that’s one) scanning machine malfunctioned today in a polling station in Waipahu! Shock! Just reported as the headline on KITV/ABC…

    Er, sorry, the local news here is struggling to come up with a story. Polls are predicting at least 60: 40 Obama.

    On a different note, have you noticed what a variety of chocolate cereal is available in Belgium? But the milk is disgusting…

    Conor Cahill

    5 Nov 08 at 03:31

  4. I did notice that, yes. A bit like in Germany, there seems to be WAY too much UHT milk on sale here.


    5 Nov 08 at 03:34

  5. Since you don’t want to laugh at Dick Durbin we have a Dick Dancer running for Secretary of State here in Oregon and he’s a Rebuplican soooooo……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    5 Nov 08 at 04:33

  6. Tom "Washed Up Cunt" Delay WHO???
    My the rats at the corner of Kansas travel on down to Texas and relieve him of his scrotum & it's contents.K


    5 Nov 08 at 04:39

  7. aww, i’ve woken up and Obama’s not won yet. it’s like waking up, expecting it to be Christmas morning but it’s still the middle of the night and you’ve got to wait aaaages.


    5 Nov 08 at 04:41

  8. Kraig:
    Dick Dancer. Oh, that is superb!
    Y’all got some parties planned in Oregon?

    It’s hard to see him not winning now, so, y’know, Santa’s sat on top of your roof, I think. Probably having a crafty fag before he comes down your chimney.


    5 Nov 08 at 04:48

  9. i’ll leave a glass of milk and a mince pie put in case Santa OR Barack Obama comes down my chimney. they’d both like that, i reckon. McCain’s getting fuck all. go hungry, old man!

    think i’m getting confused. gonna try the sleeping again.


    5 Nov 08 at 04:56

  10. fuck! he’s won! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    5 Nov 08 at 05:03

  11. Some ‘bah humbug’ from Hawaii–the Republican Party are suing Obama for misuse of campaign funds. They say that when he visited his dying grandmother last month, he used campaign money, but did no campaigning, which is against the regulations.

    Conor Cahill

    5 Nov 08 at 05:14

  12. To all our European and indeed world wide friends and allies; The joy, hope and empowerment that this event brings cannot be over stated. We look forward to rejoining the discourse of civilized nations and thank you for your patience.
    Fuckin’ A’ – RIGHT ON


    5 Nov 08 at 05:15

  13. I look forward to congratulating you in person soon, Kraig.


    5 Nov 08 at 05:23

  14. the best election coverage EVER!


    5 Nov 08 at 18:37

  15. Yes! Take that CNN!


    5 Nov 08 at 19:22

  16. I feel as if I’m just recovering from a very long and debilitating illness. I finally understand that I will be feeling much better soon, but for now I’m still exhausted and numb. Prone to weeping. Thanks to our neighbors here in Oregon for voting in favor of Libraries and 4H…(that’s agricultural clubs for kids…) It’s hard to pass measures that ask voters to pay more taxes, in tough economic times. Oregon is deeply Blue. I’m grateful. Craig…You’ve mentioned that you’re wanting a “green card”to stay in the USA…Can you actually DO anything? Let me know.
    love and kisses, ~B~


    5 Nov 08 at 23:36

  17. I just watched the speech again (awake and sober this time).
    Jesse Jackson moved me to tears. The man who stood next to MLK, watching a black President elected. Amazing.
    Times like this makes the world remember what it is that’s so great about America.

    McCain was really dignified – even Bush too!


    6 Nov 08 at 01:48

  18. Emotionally, for me, this beats even the Red Sox winning it all in 2004 and that is saying something…

    PS I don’t think Rachel Maddow’s girlfriend/life partner would take too kindly to your growing obsession with her…

    dana constance

    6 Nov 08 at 06:56

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