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I’m gonna assume it’s been nagging away in the back of your mind, just as it has mine: I finally got hold of that fucking Michigan quarter. Yay. And since I was here in the summer, the Alaska and Hawaii quarters have been released. I now have the whole set, which pretty much makes me king of the world.

Written by Craig

December 17th, 2008 at 11:35 am

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  1. There’ll still be a District of Columbia quarter next year. I’m miffed, as the “collector’s map” doesn’t have a slot for it.


    17 Dec 08 at 22:37

  2. Oh, man, will they ever stop? *falls to knees and looks up to the heavens*


    18 Dec 08 at 01:33

  3. Just wait: first Mexico, then Canada, and finally the UK will experience “regime change” (they all have oil, right?), then they’ll become states and you’ll have to collect THEIR quarters too.

    Oh, the burdens of empire. . .


    18 Dec 08 at 02:12

  4. Oh flip flop. Why haven’t I met you sooner?

    I live in Michigan. All I have are Michigan quarters.

    I would have sent you the quarter. For free.


    18 Dec 08 at 11:14

  5. well done! i’m trying to collect all the new-design english coins – missing 50p and pound still, grrr


    18 Dec 08 at 11:28

  6. Walt: I had a look and there’s a bunch of ’em next year. DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

    Cardiogirl: Thank you for the belated offer.

    Katie: Not a big fan of the new British coins, actually. If you could buy curve-sided triangles of metal to fill in the gaps, then maybe…


    18 Dec 08 at 17:27

  7. …did you realize, however, that there are actually two distinct versions of each coin? There are two mints, on in Philadelphia and one in Denver; Philly coins have a P on the front face, Denver a D. So to truly have all the quarters, you need to have both. (Sorry, I’m a bit of a coin collector myself, and such folk care about such things. :) And then there are the “proof” versions of the coins, specially minted and never circulated. There’s a reason the US Mint calls themselves the Money Factory…


    18 Dec 08 at 19:33

  8. Well, I did not know that, Anne. Thanks for the information. Every quarter in my pocket has a D on it. But now you say it, it will tempting to collect both P and D sets.


    18 Dec 08 at 23:21

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