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A Christmas Gift for You

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Sometimes, music is too cheap. I know we’re all used to being able to the price of CDs coming down, and to be able to illegally download stuff, but I still think that certain things are worth more than what we have to pay for them. For less than the price of two pints of lager in an English pub, for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes, you can go into a high street music store and buy a copy of THE best album ever made. It often gets overlooked in those best-of lists because technically it’s a compilation, but “A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector” is, in my opinion, the best record ever made.

It’s pretty much got all the best versions of the Christmas songs you already love, and, thus, is the sound of Christmas. I listened to it today on the tube. Christmas has now begun for me. I suppose the switching on of the lights in your town is a good indication of the proper commencement of Christmas, but for me, it’s always the time when I first listen to “A Christmas Gift for You.”

And now, in HMV and on Amazon (and one assumes in lots of shops), it cost less than five pounds. Frankly, that’s not enough. I’ve been loving this record for nigh on twenty years. I mean, if I was to buy it now, that’d be 25 pence a year! That’s crazy talk. Really, if I was to pay for that album what it has meant to me over the years, I’d be paying well over £100. Obviously, I’m not about to write a cheque to Phil Spector, though.

If you’ve not got it, listen to your Uncle Craig: go to the shops now! Unless, you know, you’re a Muslim or a Jew. But, having said that, Phil Spector is Jewish, so even you Hanukkah-celebrating dudes and dudettes have no excuse.

Note: I tend to hate these type of preachy “classic music” type magazine articles or blog pieces, so if you wanna ignore me cos I’m a pompous ass, that’s entirely fair. I probably would, too.

Anyway, on that note, I’m off to Florida with my family tomorrow for a super Christmassy time. Woo hoo!


Written by Craig

December 2nd, 2008 at 6:55 pm

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  1. For me, Christmas starts with my first listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.
    But I’ll give yours a try. :)


    3 Dec 08 at 04:20

  2. I hate preachy “classic music” articles too, but I love “I love this” articles, and I think this qualifies.


    3 Dec 08 at 10:47

  3. a while ago my parents where visiting and I had a (regular, non-Christmassy) Spector-cd on in the background. why, my father asks, are you playing Christmas songs in the middle of the summer? apparently I’ve been playing the Spector Christmas-album so much round theirs when I’m there for christmas he now thinks Wall of Sound = Christmas… (my favourite non-Spector Christmas songs are Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas and Low’s Just Like Christmas, so he’s probably right)


    3 Dec 08 at 12:07

  4. This is the Christmas album that I always must have in my car and on my iPod. It’s nice to know that someone else appreciates its greatness!

    Jen C

    3 Dec 08 at 13:54

  5. Funny that I was listening to a few Spector Xmas tracks on my way to a press check and was thinking how ubiquitously classic that album has become. Weird that you mention it today…

    dana constance

    4 Dec 08 at 00:15

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