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Earlier this evening, I went to my 36th live sport event of 2008. This time, it was an (ice) hockey game at the Bellingham Sportplex. From what I can gather, it was a Division 1 game in a local league, between Bay City and the Blazers. Including Lisa, Cameron and I, there were seven spectators.

It was my first time watching the sport live, and two things hit me straight away. Firstly, it stinks in there. The smell of sweaty, wet men. Secondly, and I don’t know why I was surprised by this, but it was cold in there. Almost like they were keeping it cold in there for a reason… I wonder what that could be?

Anyway, it was a far more enjoyable game to watch live than it is on telly, mainly because I could actually see the puck moving around which I find difficult on the box. And it was refreshing to see an (ice) hockey game with no WWF-style stupid fights going on, just a bunch of regular blokes (and a couple of women) wanting to win a game. Neither team managed a win, though, with one of the teams pulling back from 4-2 down to draw level with just a couple of minutes on the clock. Those last couple of minutes were very exciting indeed.

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December 19th, 2008 at 12:28 am

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  1. Hockey on TV is as different from the live version as football is. The teams use the whole playing surface, but the cameras always zoom in on the little patch of ice or grass where the puck or ball is. (I know North American football coverage is far worse than European in this regard, but it’s still a problem for me.)

    One other thing you get from seeing hockey live is a real understanding of the physical speed of the game. On TV there’s no sense of space, thus no sense of speed.

    Your first pic is great, btw — it’s what real hockey looks like.

    (No hot dogs for sale at the arena, eh?)


    19 Dec 08 at 16:14

  2. Oh, you need to watch hockey in high definition, it’s so much better! Even better is to watch the NHL’s New Year’s Day game played outdoors and a chance of it snowing during the game!

    Dana Constance

    20 Dec 08 at 04:09

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