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Not Florida

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I’ve been awake for over 24 hours now. First to Heathrow, where the Air India lady at check in was very lovely and pleasant, then it went a bit pear-shaped. I’ve not meticulously planned my return trip, and the lack of a return booking had the airside people in a right tizzy. No, Mr Robinson, you need a return ticket. Err, well I’ve done this before and I’ve been okay. But you need one. But I don’t know the exact date of my return. Well [enter second Air India person] we’ll have to take your luggage off the plane because you can’t fly without a return ticket. Much (amazingly calm) chuntering later, and I’d worked my way through four Air India employees, and got to a big cheese who seemed to understand that I had the eyes of a gentle soul rather than a dodgy fucker, and made me a “reservation” which I didn’t really need to use, which, it seems was just to cover their arse in case I decide to live forever in a cabin in Montana illegally. Just goes to show, though, sometimes it pays not to take “no” for an answer. The flight itself was a peach, though. The plane was only about a third full, and I had all three seats to myself. Sweet.

And aside from it taking three bloody hours to get from Newark airport to Brooklyn, everything else went swimmingly. So, yep: I’m back in New York.

First thing, naturally, was to have a shower, and once I’d done that and was drying off my toes, I noticed there was a bit of water seeping from the lower edge of my big left toe. Closer inspection, and it was loose. I had a bit of a tame tug at the top left corner to see if it was completely loose, and off it all came. And I was slightly amazed to find that it wasn’t super raw and painful underneath. Looks a bit weird, but, y’know what? I think I’ll be alright. You want to see the pictures, right? C’mon I know you wanna…

Update in the cold light of day: apologies for putting the following picture online. It’s pretty disgusting. I was drunk when I blogged, so, y’know. Anyway, I’ve censored it, but if you really do wanna see it, just click the image and you’ll see the full horror. Sorry, again.

Written by Craig

December 4th, 2008 at 2:21 am

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  1. ouch


    4 Dec 08 at 09:21

  2. Nice. Thanks for sharing.


    4 Dec 08 at 11:14

  3. I’ve just been sick into my Coco Pops.


    4 Dec 08 at 11:51

  4. Crazily enough, I really did want to see the picture.

    But now that I’ve seen it I am experiencing the twin feelings of disgust and satisfaction.

    Disgust because come on.

    Satisfaction because I’m glad to new nail is coming in fine.


    4 Dec 08 at 16:42

  5. Sorry y’all. If it’s any conciliation, I’ve now put a big pink starbursty thing over the toe, so you have to choose to see my nail-less toe. Doesn’t help you with the night terrors you will have, but, future generations of FFFg readers will be saved…

    Cardiogirl: I was just so happy that it didn’t really really hurt. The skin seems to have hardened a touch this morning, which is nice. I do not have the searing pain that I was expecting.


    4 Dec 08 at 16:57

  6. You lucky dog you. I’ve never got to stretch out on a plane like that.
    Glad your toe doesn’t hurt.


    4 Dec 08 at 17:39

  7. It’s one of the few times where I don’t feel jealous of first class customers, cos I got the extra space for free! But, they did get the foxier stewardesses, so I guess that evens things out.


    4 Dec 08 at 17:41

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