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Snowing, snowing, snowing

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Looks better, actually, if you watch the high quality version aquí.

Written by Craig

December 17th, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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  1. Yep. That’s snow, alright. Looks pretty.


    18 Dec 08 at 02:38

  2. Right Mr Robinson – I have been reading your adventures for about a year and a half now and I have enjoyed every minute. But things are getting stupid. You appear to be doing everything that I want to do. Not only do you post a sudden no warning picture of Mount Rainier which almost made me fall off my chair with jealousy (the Pacific Northwest being my most favourite place ever)when you told us you were going to Florida, but now there is talk of finishing your collection of quarters (which I never did), going to pick up a puppy, and the cruel joy with which you post such beautiful footage of snow when I have none. And as for going down a hill on a bin bag I might just turn green. What else? Are you going to have Christmas with the cast of the West Wing in a wood cabin? Meet the ghost of Bob Ross and get him to paint you some happy trees? I’m certainly not going to tell you any more of my favourite things as you are just going to go off and do them.

    Bah humbug.

    (Merry Christmas I guess…)


    18 Dec 08 at 09:22

  3. I’m sorry Natalie. Feel free to borrow the photos and Photoshop yourself into them, if that’s any help! And I hope that seeing four deer walking across a snowy street wasn’t a favourite thing of yours, cos that happened this morning.


    18 Dec 08 at 17:30

  4. … And these are a few of my favorite things…

    dana constance

    18 Dec 08 at 22:04

  5. Well it is now!

    Beautiful photos as always.


    20 Dec 08 at 08:02

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