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A few days in Oregon

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It’s been a fairly lazy few days since I last did the me me me thing (or, more accurately, my daily life, my daily life, my daily life thing). For the most part, though, nothing exceptional has happened. I’ve watched “Wild Card Weekend” NFL games on telly, which I’m enjoying more and more. I’ve enjoyed the hot tub every night, especially on Sunday night when it was snowing.

And this is what it looks like in daylight. I’d guess it’s a little bit wider than one-and-a-half metres.

I semi-enjoyed the friendliness of the people in both the Estacada Medical Center and Hi-School Pharmacy; and damn right they should be friendly with the amount of money they sucked from my wallet to sort out a simple ear infection (which is on the mend now).

I’ve taken the long long bus journey (about 90 minutes each way) into Portland; just mooching around, looking in shop windows, trying unsuccessfully to avoid getting hassled for change or cigarettes from Portland’s seemingly endless homeless/vagrant/tramp/bum population (is there a technical difference between, say, a tramp and a bum?), and drinking coffee. I had a quick look at PGE Park, the Portland Beavers’ stadium; first time I’ve seen a baseball stadium in the off-season, and it made me miss it. Plus, I’m wont to enjoy a bit of melancholy, so looking at an empty stadium in the rain fulfilled that desire perfectly, even if I was stood there as a bunch of teenagers walked by, and were trying to throw their drained McDonald’s fizzy drink cups over the railings that marked the boundary between the stadium and the pavement into a trash can on the other side. I’m no basketball expert, but I didn’t see any future Michael Jordans.

I’ve very much been enjoying drawing on my iPod, too. As someone who always has a sketchbook with them, but primarily uses it for notes and planning stuff like the Pigeon comic strips, it’s so refreshing and – I can’t believe I’m using this word – energising to be having fun simply drawing stuff. Even if it’s just the back of a guy on the bus or a building in Estacada while I’m waiting for Barbara to pick me up, it’s good to get back into doing something that I’ve not really bothered with since I was at art college.

Last night, Kraig and I returned to the Rose Garden to see another basketball game. This time it was the Trail Blazers against the Detroit Pistons. Allen Iverson plays for the Pistons. I’ve heard of him before, so he must be famous.

(Off the top of my head, this is the full extent of my knowledge of basketball players: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaq, LeBron James, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Larry Byrd, Doctor J (but I don’t know his real name), Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitski (only because he’s German and he seems to constantly be on the news on the TVs on the U-bahn trains in Berlin), and that super tall Chinese dude who used to be in the Apple adverts, and I remember one of the Harlem Globetrotters on the cartoon was called Curly.)

We were in less expensive, less fancy seats this time: Kraig’s regular season ticket seats. They were one level higher, but, y’know what? For the nigh-on $100 price difference, I’m saying that the Lexus Level seats we sat in the other night are really bad value for money comparatively. Anyway, lots of bouncy bouncy, and I’m starting to see what’s going on, and to understand a little bit. It seems to have a lot in common with soccer, offensively and defensively. Blazers were poor in the first half, but picked it up in the third quarter to pull to within three points of the Pistons. In the fourth they took the lead, and after some exciting back and forth, with the lead changing hands a few times, there’s a timeout with just 8.3 seconds of the game remaining. The Blazers are up 84-83.

When the game restarts, Iverson gets the ball, with a chance to win the game, and this is how it goes down…


(I know it’s not very clear what’s going on there, but he misses. Blazers win. You can see it better if you watch the high quality version here.)

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January 8th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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  1. i’ve been greatly impressed with your itouch drawings and it’s made me want an one to call my very own (and itouch…or one of you drawings..either would be fine). i’m glad your enjoying using it and i think that enjoyment shows in the art.


    9 Jan 09 at 00:35

  2. Dr. J = Julius Erving


    9 Jan 09 at 01:27

  3. Just from the meaning/origin of tramp and vagrant I picture them to be on the move rather than bumming around being homeless in one place.


    9 Jan 09 at 10:37

  4. Soccer? You’ve changed.


    9 Jan 09 at 13:18

  5. I know you’re in the States at the time – but soccer?!!


    9 Jan 09 at 13:45

  6. Anon and Anon 2: I’m don’t really see all the fuss about the name. Yes, I understand the point that for some reason the Americans don’t call it what most of the world calls it, and uses that name for another sport. But “soccer” is a really cool looking word, and it just makes things easier for everyone to understand, rather than having to clarify every time I use the word “football.”


    9 Jan 09 at 19:36

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