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Mt. Baker

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Written by Craig

January 30th, 2009 at 12:06 pm

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  1. Hellooooooo… Is anybody there???


    31 Jan 09 at 01:32

  2. Austin Pass?


    31 Jan 09 at 07:37

  3. Thank goodness, we’ve been worried sick x


    31 Jan 09 at 11:26

  4. I thought this blog was broken…


    31 Jan 09 at 20:36

  5. Nick: I think that might be it, yes. I’m not sure exactly, but I think I might’ve been on the Blueberry Cat Track. Walking, not skiing or anything fancy. http://www.mtbaker.us/info/trail-map/heather-meadows


    1 Feb 09 at 00:25

  6. Ooh I’ve been to Mount Baker. But skiing not walking.


    12 Feb 09 at 00:07

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