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Means nothing to you, of course, but I feel like I’ve achieved something by going to a live sports event on ten percent of 2008’s days. As achievements go, it’s pretty much up there with climbing Everest or curing AIDS, I reckon. The above chart shows that, essentially, it was two months of a lot of baseball and the rest of the year having just a smattering of stuff.

The 37th game that pushed me over ten percent was a women’s basketball game at Western Washington University’s Sam Carver Gymnasium. A fair few people there (about a hundred) considering it was New Year’s Eve. And they sold popcorn. And had an announcer who seemed to think he was working for NBA or something.

The home team Western Washington University Vikings beat the Merrimack College Warriors 58-37. Must be a bummer to have come all the way from Massachusetts to lose on New Year’s Eve. Despite being fairly one-sided in the first half, it got better in the second half, and I quite enjoyed all the women bouncing the ball repeatedly, running from one end to the other, and occasionally throwing the ball into the net.

Afterwards, Lisa, Cameron and I set about enjoying the festivities back in town. We drank booze, put on the stupid hats that the people at the Ranch Room supplied, and, had a great time. It was more fun than the next couple of photos would suggest.

This is Jack. He was drunk, smoking a cigarette outside the bar. He lives in a tent.

As we were leaving, I caught eye contact with this dude. He and his girl were looking really, really glum. As soon as he noticed me, he beamed a massive smile, and they happily posed for a photo. Cute couple, huh?

Once we got home, I fell asleep watching There Will Be Blood on my laptop. Glasses and lights still on, cat with its arse in my face. Anyway, I’ve already learnt something new in 2009: I’ve never before noticed that if you put the initials of the months in a line, July to November spells Jason. Man, I hope the year continues to be this exciting…

So, did you do anything nice on New Year’s Eve?

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January 1st, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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  1. You’re really scaring me, Craig. I fell asleep watching There Will Be Blood (though via DVD on my television) and made it to the BIG well fire scene before passing out…
    Besides, I was anxious to get up for a nice 10 mile nature hike in Point Reyes, CA in the morning rather than be out with the amateurs on NYE. Yep, I’m getting old…

    dana Constance

    2 Jan 09 at 20:15

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