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You might have noticed that I’ve not been as bloggy as usual over the past three weeks. You know what that means, right? I met a girl.

It was a Friday night, and Cameron and I went downtown to meet up with Lisa and her friend Camille. We had a couple of beers, and Camille’s friend Claire phoned and came along to meet us. We exchanged pleasantries, she told me her mother was also a Brit – from Coventry – and went on to tell me she was a little bit proud that Coventry City won the Premier League a few seasons back. Being a dick, I corrected her on this, and once we were in a bar that had Wi-Fi, whipped out my iPod, and pulled up the Wikipedia page that would prove that she was wronger than wrong.

A few more rum and Cokes, and we all moved on to Rumors, the town’s gay club. At this point, I’d like to point out that Bellingham has, as far as I can tell, two nightclubs: the gay one, and the shit-kickers one. The latter is where I’d get a black eye and/or an STD. Rumors is a nice place, though. Seems that many other non-gays like not getting black eyes or STDs, too. More rum and Cokes. After more chattering, Claire and I went to approximate what people call dancing. “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Sweet.

Fast forward through plenty of snogging, through three weeks of day trips – walking to Fairhaven; going to a batting cage; up to Vancouver, BC; to a cute town called Edison (where Edward R. Murrow went to high school); up for a walk on Mt. Baker; getting drunk and talking in Russian accents; on a little ferry to nearby Lummi Island; watching movies; playing cribbage; agreeing that Wendy’s burgers were best, and that Family Guy is shit; re-christening Gatorade as “Tarantula Piss”; plenty of belming; and a whole mountain of laughter.

Claire is a Bellingham resident, raised an hour or so south of here. She has two superb jobs: working with Down Syndrome adults, which sounds, from everything she’s told me, like the most fun in the world; and as an Amateur Softball Association umpire. Two jobs which seem like she’s perfectly placed to put up with me.

We fell in love, and, to almost quote Beyoncé: I like it, so I put a ring on it. I’m a lucky guy. Say hello to Mrs. Claire Robinson.

I proposed in the shower a week or so ago, we tossed the idea around for a couple of days, and even though we both knew it was a nuts idea, it never felt like a nuts idea. Sat in the Up & Up bar we decided that, yes! we really should do it, and that we really should do it as soon as possible. In Las Vegas.

We told our families and friends. We booked the flights and the chapel. And we got rings. Simple white gold bands. It may not be the right thing to do, but we were both a bit anxious about losing them, so we’ve been wearing them on the “wrong” hand since we got them. It’s our version of being engaged. I’ve never worn a ring before and – it’s probably dumb for someone who studied jewellery at university to say – I’ve never really liked wearing jewellery. It felt weird at first, like I had a metal sticking plaster on my finger, but when I catch a glimpse of my hand – grabbing a coffee cup, brushing my teeth, or sorting out my mop of hair in the mirror – and there’s a beautiful ring on my finger. Mostly because it means that I’m now Claire’s husband.

So now begins the process of the practicalities of this change in my life. We’ve decided that, even though Claire has dual-citizenship and a British passport, we’d like to live here in Bellingham, Washington. I’ve not lived in my home country since 2000, and I’ve been a bit of a nomad for the past 15 months; her life is very much in the Pacific Northwest. And I really like it here; it makes sense for me to move.

Lawyers, lots of paperwork, and visits to see immigration dudes are on the horizon. But that’s for another day. More about the trip to Vegas in the next post. Right now, though, we’re gonna look at each other, smile, use the words “husband” and “wife” a lot, and high five whenever “Don’t Stop Believing” comes on the radio in the car.

Update June 2009 I’m sad to say, we’ve split up. Picture removed for both of our sakes.

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February 18th, 2009 at 9:55 pm

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  1. Yay! Congratulations Craig and Claire!


    19 Feb 09 at 08:22

  2. Bloody hell. Congratulations!


    19 Feb 09 at 08:47

  3. Yes, yes, yes! What an incredibly happy story! Good on you! Congratulations!

    Your last sentence actually gave me butterflies in the stomage.


    19 Feb 09 at 09:09

  4. Craig,
    Oh my, congrats!!! What a nice, romantic story and welcome to America.
    My wife, who is from Finland, and I did the whirlwind romance and wedding as well and ended up at Lake Tahoe rather than of Vegas. We’ve been together for 14 years this June, so don’t let the naysayers bother you one moment…



    Dana C Constance

    19 Feb 09 at 09:36

  5. What was Helge Schneider doing with Claire (that’s a fat girl’s name)?


    The Bulkeleys

    19 Feb 09 at 09:53

  6. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    Congratulations to you both!

    *wells up*

    Stephen Jackson

    19 Feb 09 at 10:23

  7. Holy Cow. Most excellent!

    Happiness is amazing. Congratulations.


    19 Feb 09 at 10:33

  8. You go girlfriend! Or something of that nature.

    Congratulations Craig. Big smiles from London!


    19 Feb 09 at 10:36

  9. Congratulations!

    Being in love and just getting married is the best thing in the world – we did in November and that lovely happy feeling still hasn’t worn off.



    19 Feb 09 at 10:41

  10. christ! awesome morning read.
    Congratulations, all the best.


    19 Feb 09 at 11:29

  11. xx


    19 Feb 09 at 11:47

  12. ssssheeeeeeett ( to be spoken as in ‘the wire’ )

    congratulations and much love….


    19 Feb 09 at 13:31

  13. Word up, what a great picture. Congratulations people xx Ben


    19 Feb 09 at 13:51

  14. No way, that’s INSANE. And also absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you both. Surely Liverpool will romp home as Premier League winners now, right? It’s in the stars.


    19 Feb 09 at 14:12

  15. Wow, congratulations to you both! An amazing story which I’m sure you’ll be telling for years to come.


    19 Feb 09 at 14:29

  16. Aw man, I’m filling up here. Congrats to you both!


    19 Feb 09 at 14:32

  17. Congratulations from Berlin!


    19 Feb 09 at 14:47

  18. good times! great story! congrats to the both of you.


    19 Feb 09 at 15:10

  19. Amazing picture. I could almost her The King singing ‘Love Me Tender’ just by looking at it. Andy and I send you both the warmest of wishes and look forward to a night at Rumors! x

    Ian Mac

    19 Feb 09 at 17:57

  20. Huge congrats! When you know, you just KNOW! Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, neighbour. Hop the border and visit Vancouver again with your WIFE.


    19 Feb 09 at 18:32

  21. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Glad to hear your staying in the pacific northwest you lucky bastard!


    19 Feb 09 at 19:06

  22. Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. Bright Blessings to you, Claire and Craig.


    19 Feb 09 at 19:33

  23. So now everytime I hear Don’t Stop Believing I can think of you and not Tony Soprano from now on!


    19 Feb 09 at 20:46

  24. bravo! congratulations and many, many happy days to the two of you!


    19 Feb 09 at 21:04

  25. Wow, congratulations!


    19 Feb 09 at 21:39

  26. inspirational… you have truly found your anchor. Good luck guys and be happy

    Le Rat

    19 Feb 09 at 21:40

  27. Congratulations! ..and I LOVE the classy photo!


    19 Feb 09 at 21:42

  28. Congratulations! What a dashing a delightful couple you make too. Love the pic.


    19 Feb 09 at 22:25

  29. Wow! Go Craig & Claire! What an amazing, beautiful thing, and (as we have come expect) an incomparable photo.

    I'm grinning like an idiot for you :-)

    Huge love and best wishes.



    20 Feb 09 at 00:01

  30. Mazel Tov to the both of you. Very exciting!


    20 Feb 09 at 00:01

  31. Beste Gluckswunsche from the Tuna Sandwich Gang!

    Walt n Jenny

    20 Feb 09 at 02:02

  32. flip-flop-flippin’ek!

    Congratulations to you both.


    20 Feb 09 at 02:52

  33. WooooHoooo! How very right!
    I think it was Carl Jung who said, “a good marriage is one in which each person becomes the guardian of the other’s solitude.”
    -Hope (a friend of Kraig and Barbara’s, and a flip flop flying follower)


    20 Feb 09 at 07:42

  34. One more note, you’re not just gaining a wife, you’re gaining back many hours of sleep lost while trying to watch MLB on European time. Sadly, you will also be losing sleep trying to wake up at 4am to watch an early Liverpool-ManU match on Pacific Standard Time.

    All in all, a nice trade off for true love!

    Dana C Constance

    20 Feb 09 at 09:31

  35. waaaah… thats so cool. all the best for you both. : ) greetings from berlin.


    20 Feb 09 at 13:24

  36. Oh, I just thought of something.

    Does Billy know?


    20 Feb 09 at 17:59

  37. Woof!


    20 Feb 09 at 19:25

  38. How completely brilliant! Hooray for you both and wish you every happiness.

    My hubbie and I got married a year after we met. OK, not quite as speedy as you, but when you know, you know… congratulations


    21 Feb 09 at 00:31

  39. I couldn’t be happier for you, homie. I’m looking forward to meeting Claire!



    21 Feb 09 at 02:13

  40. happy news! wishing you both all the best!


    21 Feb 09 at 14:26

  41. Fabulous foto. And congratulations of course. It takes about 8 months to get used to the ring.

    Conor Cahill

    21 Feb 09 at 15:13

  42. Now you must see the significance of my refusal to accept your resignation in that game of chess!

    Gary Rudd

    23 Feb 09 at 16:54

  43. Herzliche Glückwünsche and greetings from Hamburg! All the best to you!


    24 Feb 09 at 09:52

  44. So here I am, enjoying a week of vacation and my most favorite blogger GETS MARRIED!

    Holy matrimony Craig, that GREAT!!!

    Best wishes for you and Claire!



    26 Feb 09 at 20:04

  45. oops.. (sorry about my comment on a more recent post, obviously i should have read-up first)… Congratulations!! i didn’t visit this blog for one week… and the whole world changes!!!



    27 Feb 09 at 23:10

  46. Wowsa – I never saw that comin fella….Feel like ive known u via your site for years and it tickled me to read that you found a girl and went i done it….in vegas! I keep threatening my lass to go there and do the same but we never made it yett….well done on you though man-i mean it!


    28 Feb 09 at 23:27

  47. oh, congratulations! i used to think that i would have willingly married you, but Claire came first and she seems wonderful. so go Claire!


    20 Mar 09 at 11:08

  48. Jaysus, you stop reading a blog for a few months and this happens? Congratulations you guys.


    3 Jun 09 at 12:19

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