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More finger painting

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Drawn using Brushes app on iPod touch which now can, through the special magic stuff on their website, save a little movie of the whole process of drawing. You can watch the drawing process of the Yankee Stadium drawing above as a stupidly-large Quicktime movie here (111MB), or you can watch it on YouTube below:


It took about three hours to draw this one. Here’s a before and after of my iPod. Before, clean. After, all finger-smeary.

More of my iPod drawings in the Much Fuck It’s Drawing section.

Written by Craig

March 21st, 2009 at 5:40 pm

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  1. Facscinating! More!


    24 Mar 09 at 17:54

  2. Lovely.


    26 Mar 09 at 10:17

  3. You should now use the app to make little animations. One of my friends does the same on that Facebook graffiti app and they’re pretty cool. I’d link, but he’s not public…

    Hope married life is treating you well.



    3 Apr 09 at 22:30

  4. Thanks, all.

    Katy: yep, I’ve been thinking about doing something like that. Got a couple of stories jotted down that might work in that fashion.


    4 Apr 09 at 01:44

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