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A couple of weeks ago, I typed my name with a full stop and “com” at the end into my browser. It’s something I do every now and again. For a while it was owned by a student at an American university. I never imagined that it’d be available, and if it was, I assumed it’d be expensive. Well, it was available a couple of weeks ago. And it was for sale at a higher price than I ever imagined I’d spend on a URL, but it was within my price range. And after a few days of mulling it over, and deciding that I’d be annoyed with myself if I didn’t buy it, I went ahead and put in a bid for it, which was accepted. So now I own craigrobinson.com. Hurray for me!

But, that didn’t stop my brain from ticking. What to do with it? I thought about rebranding this blog as CraigRobinson.com, cos it’s closer to who I am as a person that Flip Flop Flyin’ is, really. And I though it might be nice to add links to the other Craig Robinsons out there. Eventually that thought took over, and I decided that the site should be a “jump-off point” for all Craig Robinsons, so that none of us lose out by one of us owning the dot com URL.

So, if you want to find out stuff about Craig Robinson (the actor and comedian who plays Darryl in the US version of The Office), or Craig Robinson (Michelle Obama’s brother, and coach of Oregon State University’s basketball team), or Craig Robinson (the former baseball player), or Craig Robinson (the NY-based fashion designer), or Craig Robinson (the Prescott Valley, Arizona-based realtor), or Craig Robinson (err, me), then clickity click here: craigrobinson.com.

And if you are a Craig Robinson with a website, let me know and I’ll add you. Unless you’ve got a MySpace page, cos I’m not linking to a fucking MyfuckingSpace page.

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April 15th, 2009 at 1:47 pm

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  1. That Craig Robinson is the coach of the Oregon STATE University mens basketball team. He’s a Beaver not a Duck.


    16 Apr 09 at 00:36

  2. Oops. Corrected. Thanks, dude.


    16 Apr 09 at 21:15

  3. Craig Robinson owes you some money, methinks…

    Dana C Constance

    17 Apr 09 at 04:11

  4. You sure are one-of-a-kind, Craig. With this website proving my point.


    20 Apr 09 at 11:07

  5. Hi Craig,

    Another Craig Robinson here. Just wanted to respond to your post – “And if you are a Craig Robinson with a website, let me know and I’ll add you”
    My website is http://www.robinsonfotografix.com
    I am also from Ottawa as well.
    Small world!


    16 Apr 10 at 00:41

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