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I’m a dog person. Never been a big fan of cats, ambivalent at best. But there was a little fluffy cat that needed rescuing from a volcano, so wearing the correct protective gear, we did the right thing and dragged her to safety. We pretty much risked our own lives to do so. She’s a cutie. She’s called Ghostface Killah. Here she is:

There’s a few reasons for the name:
1) She’s white apart from her face.
2) At the moment, she only really seems to come out from hiding and enjoy our company at night.
3) Like Method Man said about the other Ghostface Killah, she’s “now you see me, now you don’t.”
4) I find it incredibly amusing to have inappropriate names for pets (see also Claire’s goldfish, Carrot, who I’ve re-named Megatron).

So, this post more than anything is a warning in advance of a possible avalanche of cat photos. God, I hate myself…

Written by Craig

April 10th, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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  1. Ahh, Kool Kat. I also hate myself.

    Chris, Brighton

    11 Apr 09 at 00:35

  2. She’s so adorable!!! :D Personally, I think I can swing either way with being a cat lover or dog lover. Personally, I think I tend to be part cat, part bunny personality, hehe.


    11 Apr 09 at 08:27

  3. I’m half cat, half dog, straight down the middle. But having two cats just like Ghostface, I’m swinging more to the cat side. They’re amazing, really affectionate


    11 Apr 09 at 11:08

  4. Welcome to the dark side, Craig. She’s lovely, by the way.


    13 Apr 09 at 18:49

  5. yay cats!!! cute name…

    is the part about the volcano true?


    16 Apr 09 at 06:03

  6. It’s not true, no. But within The Legend of Ghostface, it’s true.


    16 Apr 09 at 21:13

  7. It’s not true, no. But within The Legend of Ghostface, it’s true.


    16 Apr 09 at 21:13

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