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Went out drinking last night. I’ve been fairly crabby lately. Being settled in one place, not travelling, it’s getting to me. And it’s taking way longer to get used to than I thought it would. So I went to a bar where I knew nobody with the express intention of getting drunk. I achieved my desires. Watching sport on the TVs: the World Cup Qualifier games between Australia vs. Uzbekistan and Greece vs. Israel; Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns in the NBA. Eyes scanning all the games but not really paying attention to any. Sat at a bar-like table facing the TVs, I was doing all of this over the heads of loads of students eating wings. It was 45-cent wings night. Some random guy was talking to me about drumming outside. Pregnant woman smoking, which felt like being sent to the 1960s in a time machine.

I got leathered, walked home in the rain. Ate a hamburger at McDonald’s on the way. If there’s one thing more depressing than sitting in a McDonald’s drunk and wet, it’s sitting drunk and wet in a McDonald’s which is primarily a drive-thru’: walk-in customers seemed to be lowest on their list of priorities. It took three plays of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” to walk home. If you were driving past, you’d have seen me air-guitaring. Or air-drumming.

Written by Craig

April 3rd, 2009 at 4:03 am

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  1. Don’t look now but there’s a giant neon hammer about to bonk you on the head


    3 Apr 09 at 17:11

  2. Craig, are you OK? Big hug, dude, you sound a bit blue.


    3 Apr 09 at 23:58

  3. where is your wife and kids?
    big hug, dude from me too.


    4 Apr 09 at 00:01

  4. The idea of swanning around the USA on the bus, visiting all the south and western baseball parks, living on hot dogs and adventure, throughout a long hot summer, well…It must’ve seemed a lot more glamourous than the reality of actually taking up residence in a small (wet) town, and being someone’s husband. Don’t worry, summer comes about July 5th in these parts…You’ll feel better then~! Do you think they would let you stay here without some suffering? HA. IT’S NOT THAT KIND OF COUNTRY. I think some of your Euro Friends should come to visit~! That would cheer you up~! You all are welcome to visit us here in Oregon, too~! I love the photo…see you soon. ~B~


    4 Apr 09 at 01:05

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