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Ray, a drop of golden sun

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After spending the past couple of months flitting between Claire’s shared house, and my room at Lisa and Cameron’s place, we’ve finally got a place of our own. We moved in last week. It’s about four miles outside of Bellingham, big trees in the garden, plenty of birds eating from the bird feeder, and lots of corners for Ghostface to explore. In that seemingly only-in-America way, a three bedroom house has three bathrooms. Seems excessive to me, but, I’m sure it’ll come in useful now and again.

Anyway, more about the house in the future, I’d imagine. But for now, to celebrate finally getting an Internet connection, here’s a couple of pictures of some deer walking through the garden this afternoon. It really is quite magical to look out the window and see them out there; like the next thing is gonna be fairies and gnomes waltzing across the lawn. I’m gonna predict that it will never be anything other than wonderful to see deer in the garden.

Written by Craig

April 16th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

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  1. The deer will start congregating around your house, eating the plastic siding and leaving small, dark pellets strewn across the yard. They will only multiply.

    Be warned.

    Rob Singleton

    17 Apr 09 at 03:59

  2. You’re now living in a Grandaddy song


    17 Apr 09 at 10:00

  3. Great comment by anon, but I do agree: this looks surreal.


    17 Apr 09 at 11:15

  4. Lots of deer? Excellent! I will be Snow White!

    And living in a Grandaddy song can only be a good thing, right?


    17 Apr 09 at 19:31

  5. It really is enchanting…


    20 Apr 09 at 11:00

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