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Minipops app rejected again

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Nine days ago, Matt and I were told the Minipops iPhone application that we’d submitted to Apple for approval had been rejected. They said it was because “it contains content that ridicules public figures.” Because of the rather vague email, we assumed that the text that I’d written to go with every Minipop was the reason why. I’d expressed opinions, and sometimes they weren’t entirely flattering. So we stripped the app of all the text, sorted out a couple of bugs, and resubmitted a couple of days ago.

The Minipops app has been rejected AGAIN.

This time it has become a little clearer that it’s the images that they have a problem with. I am flabbergasted. And I’m fucking angry. These are the three examples they attached. As with the previous rejection, we have know idea if these are the offending images or just examples. I’m inclined to think the latter considering there were different images last time. Anyway, they object to these:

Alanis Morissette depicted naked, like in her video for “Thank U.” She even dressed in a nude suit to present the Juno Awards. Not sure how my drawing of her, with one brown pixel of bush, is ridiculing Alanis Morissette.

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his muscles. So his past no longer exists now he’s the governor in Apple’s home state, then? He’s been governor of California for five-and-a-half years; he was a bodybuilder for twelve years.

The Obama family depicted as they looked on the evening he won the election. Oh for fuck’s sake, come on! How on earth is this ridiculing any of them? Look in every newspaper every day, and more than likely – in this country, at least – there’ll be a cartoon of the president which will, I’m guessing, be drawn exaggerating his ears.

Angry, angry, angry.

Matt is trying to enter into a more illuminating email conversation with one of the faceless judges at Apple. But if this continues, the next music player I will buy will be a Zune.

Written by Craig

May 20th, 2009 at 6:27 pm

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  1. oh FFS
    I’ll tell you waht’s offensive – the built-in obsolescence in all their products


    21 May 09 at 08:53

  2. I know people at Apple. I also know people who will do things to people. You need a bug squashed?

    Dana C Constance

    21 May 09 at 09:28

  3. This is stupid.
    You might get results if you publicise this a little (know any high profile sites who have some tech interest and maybe have shown support for minipops in the past?),
    It has worked for quite a few other App Store rejections.

    p.s. A Zune will not make you happier and you know it.

    p.p.s. Mark, what major tech companies don’t build some degree of obsolescence into their products? It’s probably *the* business model for technology and a major business model for most companies that market any products (along with the engineering of consent).

    Besides, the iPod touch and iPhone actually go some way to prove that Apple *don’t* build-in obsolescence to “all their products”; they have both received major software updates (with another coming soon) adding new features to old hardware. These updates have been more significant and more frequent than users get with most other mobile phones or PMPs (including older iPods). All of these updates have been free on the iPhone.
    There are plenty of reasons to pick fault with Apple, but “built-in obsolescence” is a pretty weak one.


    21 May 09 at 09:54

  4. I agree with Michael’s comment, you really should try to get some publicity of this Craig.

    Digg? Slashdot? I rarely use them myself by I expect you’d get a lot of sympathy from their communities.


    21 May 09 at 11:24

  5. Michael – I obviously touched a raw nerve. I’m a sucker for Mac, I only use Mac computers and have an iPhone. But I really resent having to queue up for an hour to see a Mac ‘genius’ to hear him say he’s surprised my 3-year-old iPod still works.

    I also resent having to pay £80 for a new lead for my PowerBook when the old one wore through so badly it started smoking.

    But that’s by the by.

    Craig – I can understand they may have a a zero tolerance policy on nudity even if it’s in pixellated form, but the Obama one is ridiculous, it’s clearly nothing but a tribute.
    You should send your Obama portrait to the White House press office, with a little ‘I’m an artist and I did this portrait’ note. If you get an acknowledgement from them, you could then go back and say, well the White House aren’t offended


    21 May 09 at 12:28

  6. This is so ridiculous… Pure “tartufferie” as they say in France. Even worse : stupid censorship. This type of caricature shouldn’t be censured. Apple really misses the point on this one…


    22 May 09 at 00:21

  7. wow, seems really ridiculous… apple you suck on this one.


    22 May 09 at 02:32

  8. Yay Zune. I’ll port your minipops to XNA if you’d like.


    22 May 09 at 21:38

  9. this is strange craig… this is really really weird … theres more to this… there must be some hidden reason…. ..

    i think this is just too good and they are secretly thinking of making something similar?

    or… hmmm… i dont know…

    im really pissed myself!
    i told like 100 000 people about this app – like, YOU WAIT AND SEE! THIS WILL BE THE BEST APP EVER –
    so.. hm…

    cant you just do it and sell it out from other sources? do you need apple to approve? is this really mandatory?

    i dont know…hmmm…


    24 May 09 at 02:24

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