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Minipops Nos. 1,001-1,207

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That’s not a typo: there really is two-hundred-and-seven Minipops added to the site today. That’s because while Matt and I have been working on the iPhone app, I got to thinking that there might be a bunch of them lying around elsewhere.

There’s a bunch of footballers from the Mini Euro 2000, Mini Euro 2004, and Mini World Cup 2006 pages; there’s a bunch of design and fashion Minipops from the I Love Colette site; and a fair few done for clients. And one new Minipop: Freddie Ljungberg in his Seattle Sounders kit to go with the three other Freddie Ljungbergs.

Another thing to note is that I re-ordered the Minipops to go alphabetically by first name. It’s something we decided we’d do for the iPhone app, and thus I felt it should be done on the site, too. A couple of notes: if the person has a title or a definitive article (in any language) at the start of their name, that is ignored; and if the person’s name isn’t the most commonly known name, I’ve gone with the common one.

For example, George Herman “Babe” Ruth, is known to more people as simply Babe Ruth, so he’s listed under B. Same for General H. Norman Schwarzkopf; he’s listed under N for Norman cos that’s how most of us would refer to him.

I’ve also gone through the list and tried to add diacritics where they were missing due to earlier laziness. So now, amongst many others, Lech Walesa is listed as he should be: Lech Wałęsa. There might still be a few missing, so if you spot an absent caron, cedilla, circumflex, or umlaut, please drop me an email.

While I’m talking about the app, we’ve pretty much got it done. Matt’s been working his plums off on the technical side of things, I’ve been doing the same writing a sentence or two about all of the 1,000 Minipops it’ll feature. There’s still a couple of bugs that need sorting out, and it has yet to be approved by Apple for selling on their App Store, but, fingers crossed, that should happen soon. Have a good weekend.

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May 8th, 2009 at 6:45 pm

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