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Minipops Nos. 991-999

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These new Minipops are the 991st through to the 999th. Coming next week is the 1,000th Minipop. For now, though, there’s: Babe Ruth; Sir David Attenborough; M.I.A.; MGMT; Alaska’s best-known comedian Sarah Palin; Japanese architect Shigeru Ban; West Indian cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul; German band Tokio Hotel; and (rather unsubtley done because of the forthcoming Apple iPhone app) Steve Jobs.

Which leaves us with one question: who’s gonna be the 1,000th Minipop? I’ve already drawn it, so I know who it is. I know it’s not much of a prize, cash-wise, and I know it’s virtually impossible, but if anyone can guess who the 1,000th Minipop is gonna be, I’ll do a Minipop of you*. If you wanna guess, and if you comment anonymously, be sure to tell me your name along with your guess.

* If the winner is a man who wears glasses and has a beard or moustache, a Minipop of you will look a bit weird. Sorry, that’s just the way things go; there’s not enough space on the 4×6 pixel head to fit them in and leave a space for a nose. If more than one person guesses correctly, I’ll flip a coin.

Written by Craig

May 1st, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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23 Responses to 'Minipops Nos. 991-999'

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  1. Would it be GWAR? GWAAAAAAAR!


    2 May 09 at 06:37

  2. Journey


    2 May 09 at 11:46

  3. Chairman Mao?

    Rob S.

    2 May 09 at 16:21

  4. Since you are a romantic fool, I am guessing it’s your spouse, Claire…


    Dana C Constance

    2 May 09 at 20:41

  5. It has to be Fernando Torres?!?!
    Craig T


    2 May 09 at 20:46

  6. Hmm…I’m going to go with the new White House dog, Bo.



    2 May 09 at 23:49

  7. I’m guessing its you with the new hairstyle!


    3 May 09 at 16:19

  8. Here’s a couple of clues:

    1. It’s a person, not a group of people.
    2. This person isn’t British or American.


    3 May 09 at 17:09

  9. Oliver Kahn?
    I bet it’s a sportsperson.


    3 May 09 at 18:32

  10. Mikhael Gorbachev?
    The Frech President?

    Susan Boyle???
    Swine Flu?

    Rob S.

    3 May 09 at 19:56

  11. Does Captain Kirk count as an American?

    Dana C Constance

    4 May 09 at 05:29

  12. Aside from having already done him as part of a Minipop of Star Trek, he’s Canadian, right?


    4 May 09 at 05:36

  13. Shatner is Canadian but Kirk (the character) is form Iowa. I needed to Google this as I am not a hardcore Trekkie…

    Dana C Constance

    4 May 09 at 05:42

  14. I’m fairly sure that the person who it is has never played an American.


    4 May 09 at 05:46

  15. wolverine?
    simon cowell?


    4 May 09 at 16:16

  16. Could it be Muhammad? I know you don’t fear the fatwa.


    5 May 09 at 06:56

  17. Hussain Bolt?


    5 May 09 at 19:16

  18. sorry, that should have been Usain…


    5 May 09 at 21:22

  19. is it Ichiro Suzuki?


    5 May 09 at 21:57

  20. I like your thought process, Mike!


    5 May 09 at 21:58

  21. am i right?…
    kruder and dorfmeister…
    noemie lenoir…
    i’m spent.


    5 May 09 at 22:18

  22. one more:
    Milla Jovovich.
    minipop please…


    5 May 09 at 22:28

  23. You’re not right, Mike. But some good suggestions along the way for future Minipops. Thank you.


    6 May 09 at 03:41

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