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Stuck Tic Tacs

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I love me some Tic Tacs; there’s always a rattle in my trouser pocket. And with this week’s Pigeon referencing the annoyance of stuck Tic Tacs, it seems like a good time to show you my collection.

Written by Craig

May 26th, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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5 Responses to 'Stuck Tic Tacs'

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  1. you really are mental…but I wish I’d thought of it.


    27 May 09 at 07:37

  2. always good for an interesting collection…
    I winder whether it’s got something to do with the climate in your trouser pocket…




    27 May 09 at 07:58

  3. Are you implying they’re sticking together? : )


    28 May 09 at 00:26

  4. It appears as some futuristic scrotum to the untrained eye.


    28 May 09 at 00:27

  5. Haven’t had tic tacs for years! About time that changed I think…


    28 May 09 at 14:01

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