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The joy of Ichiro

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The other day, my pal Dana and I were discussing how much fun it is to watch Ichiro Suzuki, right fielder for the Seattle Mariners. He’s fantastic, one of the best players in baseball. Last night, the missus and I went to see the Mariners play the Texas Rangers and for a portion of the game, we sat in the upper deck in right field, above where Ichiro was playing. He’s so fascinating to watch, even when he’s not actually doing much baseball-playin’. He’s a fidgeter. So I took a ton of photographs and made some animated GIFs. Wish I had the time and will to put these to some nineties Euro dance music, but, y’know, you can imagine the soundtrack in your head.

Written by Craig

May 5th, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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  1. looks there were some other brits in the audience as well.


    5 May 09 at 23:06

  2. Judging from that YouTube clip, I think I made the right decision not to live amongst English people any more.


    6 May 09 at 03:59

  3. I am loving the 3rd from the bottom…


    6 May 09 at 14:16

  4. I love all of them. Great work Craig!


    6 May 09 at 16:25

  5. I think he knew the ladies would love that wiggle, Anna!


    6 May 09 at 19:47

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