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24 hour vigil

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My mate Mark suggested this; I can’t take any credit for it: a 24 hour Billie Jean animation vigil. Watch it below or on its original page: http://www.flipflopflyin.com/24hourbilliejean

I’ll be watching it wearing just one glove and occasionally hiccuping. I was on a plane when the news came out, and it was amazing how the news rippled down the plane from one person’s Blackberry when we landed. The woman next to me told me; the guy across the aisle heard; then the people behind, and on and on. I’m in New York right now and, I don’t know if it is the same everywhere, but you can’t walk down the street without hearing some Michael coming from a car radio. Is this what it was like when Elvis died? I was six years old back then, and I can vaguely remember it being like this.

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June 26th, 2009 at 10:16 am

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  1. On August 16, it was my friend's birthday. We were staying in Aspen, Colorado. The radio said "The KING is dead." All the Beautiful People in Aspen did mourne. Elvis' music everywhere. ~B~


    27 Jun 09 at 02:28

  2. apparently michael died of food poisoning.
    he choked on some 12 year old nuts.

    barry davies

    30 Jun 09 at 00:22

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