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Flip Flop Fly Ball

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I know how much the Europeans amongst you just love the baseball, so, unless you wanna look at some infographics and pretty colours, you might wanna turn off now. To the Americans and baseball followers out there: I have a new web site. All about the sport we love. It’s called Flip Flop Fly Ball (see what I did there?), and features some of the previous baseball-related infographics I’ve done and whole bunch of new ones. I’ve also put baseball-related photos, drawings, and Minipops on there, too. The masthead (a small portion of which is shown above) features many baseball player and ballpark references. There’s a legend if you wanna know what they all are.

Basically, a lot of this stuff is my way of getting the long and glorious history of the sport to stick in my brain. I don’t retain facts very well, but if they are somehow visualised, I can do it easier. Baseball’s been a steep learning curve for me, and the more I get into it, the more I get out of it. So there’ll be plenty of updates on the site, which can be found at www.flipflopflyball.com. Hope you enjoy it.

Written by Craig

June 17th, 2009 at 9:48 am

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  1. Yessssssssssssssssssssss!



    17 Jun 09 at 22:30

  2. It's fantastic! I'm sharing the link with all my baseball-loving friends.


    18 Jun 09 at 04:13

  3. Yup!

    Dana C Constance

    18 Jun 09 at 18:03

  4. Even if you're not a baseball-fan, like me, this site is lovely Craig! Great work!


    18 Jun 09 at 23:31

  5. This is a whole new league of amazingness. I've done no work all week


    19 Jun 09 at 13:44

  6. wow. genius.
    keep it coming, please.


    20 Jun 09 at 04:50

  7. Great stuff, Craig! The Green Monster comparison is my favorite. Kind of shocking, actually.


    20 Jun 09 at 07:30

  8. Just got a link to Flip Flop Fly Ball from a friend. Absolutely awesome stuff. Very fun, often insightful and always attractive.

    Shame you didn't take to the Mariners though… :)


    1 Jul 09 at 10:31

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