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Goodbye Bellingham

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Written by Craig

June 19th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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  1. I'm gonna let you all read between the lines, if that's okay.


    20 Jun 09 at 08:10

  2. I hope you are ok.


    20 Jun 09 at 18:14

  3. Yeah Craig, hope you are ok!


    20 Jun 09 at 19:38

  4. I'll miss ya buddy. :(


    20 Jun 09 at 22:46

  5. sad here too…


    20 Jun 09 at 23:42

  6. Don't leave us hangin', big guy….

    Stephen Jackson

    21 Jun 09 at 00:20

  7. Uh oh, that sounds bad. You gonna be ok?


    21 Jun 09 at 02:25

  8. Quick summary: marriage over, and I'll be back in Berlin soon. Having a nice weekend with friends in Oregon right now.


    21 Jun 09 at 05:24

  9. Dreadfully sad news, Craig.

    Stephen Jackson

    21 Jun 09 at 09:43

  10. Sorry to hear that. Hope you're alright.


    21 Jun 09 at 12:28

  11. Thanks for your concern. I'll be fine. That's life. The last couple of days I've been feeling quite positive, and I'm looking forward to being back in Berlin.


    21 Jun 09 at 18:53

  12. Sorry to hear your news. I hope things look up for you back in Berlin.


    22 Jun 09 at 10:03

  13. Sorry to read that, hope things work out in Berlin.


    23 Jun 09 at 07:00

  14. bob , personally i like the tiles in the photo .
    its the heavy vibes my friend .
    try the tim westwood soundboard on radio 1's website to perk you up or any of your other blog readers.
    house music all night long robert , house music all night long .


    23 Jun 09 at 11:52

  15. really sorry to hear that, such a shame. If there's a silver lining, can it be cocker spaniel shaped?


    23 Jun 09 at 14:25

  16. It sounded like a joke from the beginning. Sorry to have to write that, though.


    23 Jun 09 at 14:59

  17. i'm so heartbroken. take care and come back and visit, okay?

    I was kind of looking forward to a good yanks/sox rivalry!!


    23 Jun 09 at 22:46

  18. See ya' in Paris, Craig!

    Dana C Constance

    24 Jun 09 at 00:49

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