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I’m sorry about what went down yesterday. Had I not been on a train without Internet access while the comments section was exploding, I’d have knocked it on the head a lot sooner. I’m not going to address the allegations, as it’d be a long bullet-pointed list of the other side’s opinion. It’d just be he said/she said. It is very tempting, though, because – as I’m sure you’ll understand – I didn’t enjoy being the subject of so much vicious hatred. So, yeh: sorry you had to read that, especially those of you that are gay. I never ever imagined that this blog would have homophobic comments popping up. I’m leaving the comment moderation on for the time being.


Written by Craig

June 24th, 2009 at 9:39 am

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  1. A person of average intelligence would assume that a 38 year old gay guy would'nt be marrying anyone female, no matter how long they had known them but especially in such a short, but that's life.

    Timing is everything , sorry you did'nt get to see your friends in this wonderful country of ours.. Had to hightail it out eh?

    I'm sure they missed a real treat..your such a wonderful guy.


    24 Jun 09 at 19:08

  2. aww, poor you. what a horrible situation to be part of. hope everything improves for you… onwards and upwards into a happier future.


    25 Jun 09 at 05:22

  3. Chin up and hang on in there.


    25 Jun 09 at 10:19

  4. Hi Craig – Wow, do I have no idea what went on in your comments the other day. But what I wanted to comment on in the previous post was something completely different (since, of course, what happens in your personal life is no one's business but yours, and most definitely not mine).

    I just wanted to say a general thank you for your kind and always fair commentary on the States. As an American who has lived abroad for now half of my life, it gets really old listening to constant generalizations about how stupid, lazy, fake, annoying, etc, we all are – very often by people who have never been there. Like anywhere, it's not a perfect place full of perfect people – and like anywhere, there's a lot of good to be found alongside the less pleasant aspects. It's insulting and infuriating, and I always enjoy reading your much more balanced and entertaining views. Thanks for sharing them with us.


    25 Jun 09 at 11:04

  5. Just registering my support. Sorry to hear the bad news.


    26 Jun 09 at 09:47

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