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It’s been a very strange week. A weird mix of lows – lower lows than listening to David Bowie’s “Low” in a low rider driving to do some shopping at Lowe’s – and the odd high. We’ll come to that later.

If you read between the lines, or, indeed, read the comments on the last blog post, you’ll know that my marriage is over. Brisk. It’s not really fair to use this blog as a forum for getting into the details, so I’ll be trying to keep it as neutral as possible. We broke up on Sunday and, despite the sadness, had a pleasant day together. We had a walk on the beach, ate some Mexican food, and talked. Of course, the shuffle function in iTunes and the car radio don’t know the ins and outs of peoples’ lives, so hearing “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League, “Moving Out” by Billy Joel, and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” by Kiss churned my stomach. Sadly, as the week progressed, the interactions deteriorated, ending up with anger, bitterness and spite.

My plans – to go to the Oregon Country Fair, to see friends in San Francisco, and Milwaukee – before heading back to Berlin were kinda forced to change. Divorce papers signed. Letter to the immigration people written, informing them that my appication for residency is to be abandoned. All that’s left of my marriage is a tan line on a finger.

Leaving aside stuff that I don’t want to write about, I’m gonna be sad to leave the States. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know that I love it here. The gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’, Fox News-watchin’ parts of the country that some Europeans like to point to when abdicating responsibility for their own government’s failings are far outweighed by a nation of great, friendly people. I’m lucky enough to know quite a few people over here, and I will miss them dearly. In particular, I’ll miss Lisa and Cameron, and Kraig and Barbara. Lisa and Cameron invited me over for Christmas, put me up in their house for longer than anyone should expect a visitor to stay, and have agreed to give Ghostface a new home, where she’ll have a dog and another cat to play with. Kraig and Barbara have been exemplary friends, offering all kinds of support and a chance to see and get to know some basketball. Go Blazers.

And I’ll miss baseball. A lot. Since being here, I’ve been like a kid with the keys to the toy store. Going back to Europe, my access to baseball will return to being the post-midnight web streaming of games, and book shops whose sport shelves go straight from athletics to basketball. One day I’ll get around to writing a baseball-for-Europeans blog post, but I think it’s safe to say, that my love of the sport is currently greater than my love of soccer. Never imagined myself saying that about any sport.

Life has a habit of strange juxtapositions. A marriage break-up has run alongside the incredible reaction I’ve had to my new Flip Flop Fly Ball website. It’s been a strange feeling having something that makes me happy running alongside the other stuff. I still feel like an interloper in the baseball world, and to get such a positive response from people who’ve took the time to email or tweet about it, and from the people who run baseball blogs to write about and link to it: well, it’s very humbling. The timing sucks, mind: getting a baseball site up and running just as I’m about to leave its homeland. Still, I guess “the timing sucked” could be a good epitaph for a lot of things in life.

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June 22nd, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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