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Aww, cute

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Just after I put up the last blog post, I paid for my lunch at the jazzy house cafe, and decided to get a coffee for our walk in the park. It wasn’t until Billy and I rounded the corner onto the street where we used to live that I realised that this is possibly the first time that he’s been back there in nearly two years. He started pulling a little bit harder on the leash, and when we got to the building we used to live in, he went straight for the door.

I told him we no longer live there, but, well, he’s a dog. He scratched at the door, wanting to go in. I tried to drag him away, but he was having none of it. He sat there, stubbornly refusing to move, for a minute or so. Eventually, a little bit of coaxing with a biscuit did the trick.

Written by Craig

July 14th, 2009 at 2:45 pm

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  1. That is super cute, he didn't forget!

    Sorry to see the Minipops app. was
    rejected again.
    What is their problem?


    14 Jul 09 at 17:13

  2. Billy wants you back…I hope you will make as much time for him as you are able. Dogs don't last forever.


    14 Jul 09 at 18:44

  3. hey craig,
    welcome back to Berlin!
    I don't know of anyone looking for a nachmieter, but I'll keep you in mind!


    14 Jul 09 at 22:26

  4. It´s Billy! Yay! Muuuuuuuuy lindo! Besos nene x


    15 Jul 09 at 06:33

  5. So did Billy go absolutely crazy when he saw you for the first time? Nothing like the greeting from a dog who missed you!


    15 Jul 09 at 09:55

  6. My dog still tries to walk into the house I lived in 6 years ago whenever we walk past!

    Simon John Parkin

    15 Jul 09 at 14:16

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