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I remember at some point in 1983 or early 1984 (really, who’s gonna believe I can remember that far back?) looking at the back of the Thriller album and counting how many songs had been released as singles in the U.K. Twenty-five years later, with Photoshop and Wikipedia at my disposal, I got around to doing a chart. I’ve only looked at U.K. and U.S. singles cos one is my home country, and one was Michael’s and it’d probably get very messy if I added Namibia and Paraguay-only singles. The opening song on all but Invicible were singles. I wonder what was wrong with the first track off that album..? Can’t honestly say I’ve heard any songs off of that one. Note: the second bit of HIStory is represented here cos, of course, the first bit was a greatest hits.

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July 3rd, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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