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Question of great import

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When you see the fuzzy screen and hear the click, followed by the “aaaaaaaah” of the HBO intro thingy, does your brain preemptively start singing/humming the theme tune of (a) the Sopranos, or (b) Curb your Enthusiasm, or (c) something else?

Written by Craig

July 28th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

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  1. oh, I know the exact feeling. for me it relates to (c) trueblood


    28 Jul 09 at 22:29

  2. Curb

    M Guy

    28 Jul 09 at 22:30

  3. And isn't that whole intro kind of dated anymore? It's referring to staticy analog TV, and does anyone even have that these days?


    28 Jul 09 at 23:17

  4. Yeh, that's true. Like when we motion to someone in an adjacent car to wind their window down; really we should mime pressing a button, not "winding" something. And the sound of a needle being abruptly removed from a record is still the sound used to indicate an, well, abrupt end to a song. Shouldn't it just be the sound of a slight tap on the screen of an iPhone? Kids these days…


    28 Jul 09 at 23:22

  5. I haven't had HBO in a long time, in fact, when I did have it, the opening still looked like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGPRWePIUUI

    I still think it's exciting as hell.


    28 Jul 09 at 23:29

  6. I expect to see Bunk and Jimmy McNulty swearing over a dead guy.


    28 Jul 09 at 23:32

  7. Either Flight of the Conchords (because I'm cool) or Sex and the City (because that's the first show I saw it with).

  8. …Woke up this morning, got your self a gun…


    28 Jul 09 at 23:56

  9. (c) sex and the city.. but it should be the sopranos! : )


    29 Jul 09 at 00:21

  10. Ha, as soon as I saw the image, I knew you were going to mention Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    I might watch some now. Oh the power of TV.

    Chris, Brighton

    29 Jul 09 at 01:08

  11. Conchords!


    29 Jul 09 at 01:11

  12. Flight of the Conchords, of course!

    Dana C Constance

    29 Jul 09 at 01:17

  13. Six Feet Under.


    29 Jul 09 at 02:56

  14. sex and the city closely followed by six feet under…


    29 Jul 09 at 06:53

  15. Curb followed by Omar in his long coat with a shotgun.


    29 Jul 09 at 07:25

  16. I don't watch any of these things, I feel like I'm missing out…


    29 Jul 09 at 09:35



    29 Jul 09 at 11:25

  18. Flight of the Conchords!


    29 Jul 09 at 11:46

  19. Flight Of The Conchords for me.

    Stephen Jackson

    29 Jul 09 at 13:24

  20. definitely any of the wire's awesome tunes.


    29 Jul 09 at 13:45

  21. Sex and the City, definitely.


    29 Jul 09 at 14:35

  22. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there's an age/gender breakdown that could be interesting. When I say interesting, I kinda mean "boring to normal people."


    29 Jul 09 at 14:40

  23. It's as country thing too, don't think Flight of the Concords is HBO in the UK, shown on the BBC so they don't use the logo thingy. Might be wrong though, always seem to turn on just after it's started!


    29 Jul 09 at 14:59

  24. Six Feet Under . Every time.


    29 Jul 09 at 15:39

  25. The Wire.


    29 Jul 09 at 17:10

  26. You are right about Flight of the Conchords, I love it but it's not HBO here.

    I think you should have a seperate post for age, sex and country and the order in which we think of the HBO shows. I sense a Craig chart coming on.


    29 Jul 09 at 17:22

  27. Bom, bom, bom, de-de-de-de de-derrr de-de de-derrr (Curb)

    Simon John Parkin

    29 Jul 09 at 18:19

  28. Sopranos. Always and forever.


    29 Jul 09 at 19:29

  29. yeah, sopranos too. i bought a tindersticks album because of a track i heard on an episode, 'tiny tears'. dark but i love it.


    29 Jul 09 at 23:17

  30. Curb…


    30 Jul 09 at 01:05

  31. True Blood, because that's what I'm watching now. The Beach Boys, when I'm watching Big Love. Otherwise, like if I happen upon it randomly, definitely the Sopranos. MAN but that's a great song.

    On a related note, this reminds me of the old CBS "Special" animation that would come on before every special, whether it was special or not. But the only time we saw it as kids was before the Charlie Brown holiday shows, so that rotating "SPECIAL" always meant Charlie Brown to me.


    30 Jul 09 at 02:06

  32. Curb your Enthusiasm…
    Dude, there is a guy driving around Sudden Valley that looks just like Larry David!


    30 Jul 09 at 04:31

  33. "Every channel that i stop on got a different kind of cop on…"

    But anyway, my vote's for Flight of the Conchords!

    (female, age 30)


    30 Jul 09 at 13:37

  34. My Flight of the Conchords vote may be skewed because I am watching the first season on DVD and it has the HBO bit at the beginning of each episode. The second season I saw on BBC4 and it didn't have it the HBO thingy.

    (F, 36, UK)


    30 Jul 09 at 15:07

  35. I'm ashamed to admit… Sex and The City. The (bad) film actually felt like it should have it too just for old times sake.
    I also find myself humming the Paramount theme after the Star Trek theme amongst others.


    30 Jul 09 at 15:33

  36. I'm the same with Universal: I always expect the film to be Back to the Future.


    30 Jul 09 at 16:10

  37. The Wire. it is the first HBO series i watched.


    30 Jul 09 at 19:33

  38. The Sopranos, Woke up this morning, by Alabama 3 – must be the best theme tune ever, surely.


    30 Jul 09 at 22:12

  39. Sex and the city.

    I'm also slightly ashamed to admit it…


    31 Jul 09 at 02:31

  40. another vote for the wire!


    31 Jul 09 at 12:45

  41. I said the same about Universal to my husband and he looked at me like I was mad! Glad to know I'm not alone now.


    31 Jul 09 at 14:27

  42. a 37 year old white hetro male in time order.. SATC, then CURB, then SOPRANOS ( i was late to this one ), then WIRE, then GENERATION KILL, then ENTOURAGE


    31 Jul 09 at 19:59

  43. For me it is Deadwood.
    I watched the whole three series on DVD back to back while I was off work sick for a week. That kind of full immersion while in a weakened state must have something to do with it.
    (F, 34, Australia)


    3 Aug 09 at 00:45

  44. Sex and the City!


    6 Aug 09 at 22:06

  45. always Curb.


    12 Aug 09 at 17:23

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