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I don’t have regular Internet access at the moment. I’m dependent on the dude who lives in the building to turn his unprotected Wi-Fi on. Either than or I have to go to a cafe where they incessantly play inane and insipid jazzy house music. It’s the sort of place that, I think, if you polled the patrons, none of them would say they liked the music yet the staff would just stare blankly like, “well I do.”

Busy relaxing. Seeing friends. Reading. Trawling the Internet and newspaper for an apartment (any Berliners reading, if you hear of anybody searching for a nachmieter: I’m looking for something about 60-70qm in Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte, or Prenzlauer Berg).

And I’ve been hanging out with my gay lover, too:

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July 13th, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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  1. Yeah! Billy's back! Was it an emotional reunion or did he piss on your shoes?


    13 Jul 09 at 15:20

  2. You obviously know http://www.wg-gesucht.de , don't you? I found a nice room in Kreuzberg in less than a week. I don't like the other immobilien websites that much, because you usually have to register to get the contact data, or even worse the only way to contact the landlord is via the site's internal messaging system.

    Welcome to Berlin by the way.


    13 Jul 09 at 15:27

  3. are you already in berlin?


    13 Jul 09 at 17:36

  4. Moosh: Well, he's not BACK. He's still gonna live with the people he's spent the last two years with, and rightly so. But I'll still see him every now and then.

    Anon: Duh, I didn't know that, I've been looking on Immobilien Scout. Thanks for the tip.

    Anon: Ja.


    13 Jul 09 at 17:52

  5. Yay! He's so dreamy!

    (Glad the humour is still there.)


    13 Jul 09 at 18:00

  6. Aww, it's good to see Billy again, is he all better now?


    13 Jul 09 at 20:37

  7. what do you want to do in germany? is it work related?


    14 Jul 09 at 15:33

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