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3 Willies

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Aside from these sausages being called “3 Willies,” the funny thing about this is how it is called “Original German Currywurst.” This is in a German supermarket. I’m not sure why they feel the need to inform Germans that currywurst is German, and to tell them that in English.

Written by Craig

August 16th, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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  1. What on earth is "Extra Scharf"???


    16 Aug 09 at 16:16

  2. Extra spicy.


    16 Aug 09 at 16:26

  3. Do they come with ketchup and curry powder on them??
    Are they good?
    The lady on the bag has strange eyes.
    Will my eyes look like that if I eat them?


    16 Aug 09 at 19:31

  4. I didn't buy any, but yeh, that's how currywurst comes when you buy in on the street. Currywurst is trashy but tasty stuff. And, yes, her eyes are a bit creepy.


    16 Aug 09 at 19:43

  5. These were sold in our local shop in London for a while. :) They're actually not as bad as they look when you're missing currywurst.



    17 Aug 09 at 00:29

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