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Today, I think I reached the apogee of culinary laziness. I’d just washed a few dishes, and I hate doing that then, soon afterwards, having dirty stuff next to the sink again. So, not wanting to have to clean a bowl and spoon, but still being a tad hungry, I sat down with the box of muesli and a carton of milk. I tipped a small mouthful of muesli into my gob, then took a sip of the milk. I did this until my appetite was sated (five mouthfuls). I’m simultaneously proud and ashamed of myself. Not ashamed enough to not blog about it, but not proud enough to have taken a photograph of myself doing it.

Written by Craig

August 20th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

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  1. ^^hahaha i lol'd hard.

    u don't have a girl in your flat, do you?


    20 Aug 09 at 18:25

  2. Not sure if that's better or worse than if you'd poured the milk directly into the cereal box?


    20 Aug 09 at 18:45

  3. Hey, Congratulations on the mention in Wired for flipflopflyball!!!

    Marc Snyder

    21 Aug 09 at 01:37

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