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Ouch update

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Hospital A&E.; X-ray. Sprained ankle. No more softball for six weeks. Gotta get some support thingy put on tomorrow. I got crutches. But at least it’s not broken.

Written by Craig

August 14th, 2009 at 12:37 am

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  1. Oh, ouch. Get well soon!


    14 Aug 09 at 01:26

  2. Do we get pictures of all the bruising too?

    Hope it mends speedily.


    14 Aug 09 at 11:17

  3. Nothing like some crutches and an "oh, I'm sturggling" expression to elicit some sympathy from the ladies!


    14 Aug 09 at 15:18

  4. Are you wearing a pink skirt?


    14 Aug 09 at 16:26

  5. Thank, Josie.

    CoCo: probably, yes. One can never have enough pics of my feet, huh?

    Anon: Not seemed to have worked so far, dammit.

    Anon: No, silver shorts in bad lighting.


    15 Aug 09 at 12:54

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