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Und mehr Oscar

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Last Wednesday, before I buggered my ankle, I took the S-bahn to the Hansaviertel part of Berlin, which is sandwiched between the Tiergarten (a big park) and the Spree (a river), to look at a building. In my years in Berlin I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it before, as it’s on a street I can only ever remember being on once. I went to see the building because whenIwasin* Curitiba, Brazil, at the Museu Oscar Niemeyer there was a wall with all of Niemeyer‘s buildings written on it. I took a quick snap of the building it mentioned was in Berlin to remind myself to look for it when I was back here.

It was built in 1957 as a part of the Interbau project. More details about that here and here. Anyway, it’s by no means my favourite of Oscar’s buildings (although the V-shaped pillars are pretty sweet), but it’s nice to have a bit of Brazil in Berlin.

Other blog posts that feature Niemeyer’s work:

* whenIwasin, pronounced when I was in. Four words that sound like one word, that comes out of the mouth of someone with tedious frequency when they’ve recently been backpacking. I say it a lot.

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August 21st, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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  1. You should have mentioned the ridiculous elevator that, I believe, lets you out at the 4th and 7th floors … only. The idea was that everything was supposed to be different (wacky?). 3Sat just had a fantastic documentary on the Hansaviertel.

    The Bulkeleys

    21 Aug 09 at 17:43

  2. Even this one rocks.


    21 Aug 09 at 17:47

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