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I’ve been trying to stay vaguely unsmutty recently, and have resisted posting a picture of one of the big billboard posters that the CDU and Angela Merkel were using to try and get people to vote for them. Every time I see this billboard of Angie… well, erm, I can’t help but think she’s demonstrating the breadth of her vagina.

Like I say, I tried. But the thing that made me titter too much and forced me to post the above picture was the headline in one of the newspapers today:

With that headline, it’s impossible not to think that she’s giving the driver a quick hand job.

Sorry, we’ll get out of the gutter tomorrow when I’ll be answering the question: Joseph or Marcel? Which is the best Proust.

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September 29th, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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  1. Now I see this in a completely different way: http://bit.ly/I8P5N. Thanks.


    30 Sep 09 at 05:45

  2. Late note but relevant, a headline i spied a couple of days ago read: Colleagues finger Billionaire.


    22 Oct 09 at 18:25

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