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Yes, I know, another post about baseball caps… But this one raises questions, not just me going I ♥ Yankees. There are, of course, plenty of baseball caps worn by people on The Wire, but this is a screen grab of the very first baseball cap with a baseball team’s logo on the front that we see in the first episode of season one of The Wire.

Kima is wearing a Birmingham Black Barons cap. Based in Brimingham, Alabama, they played in the Negro Leagues before integration. The makers of The Wire seemed fairly focussed on creating something realistic, and I find this choice of cap for Kima interesting. Was it intentional that the first baseball logo we see is that of a Negro League team?

I’m going through the seasons looking for other baseball cap logos, and so far – seasons one and two – I’ve not seen a Baltimore Orioles cap. Poor O’s…

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September 9th, 2009 at 10:05 am

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