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Soccer things

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A couple of soccer infographics today. First, there’s a look at all the teams that are or have been in the (English) Premier League, and which other divisions they’ve been in during since the 92/93 season.

The other one was done after my Arsenal-supporting mate John suggested it: looking at the assembly and disassembly of the undefeated 03/04 Arsenal team.

(And if you’re English and automatically winced when you read the word “soccer,” you can get off your snobby cloud. I used to live up there, and it’s far more fun down here. I’ve learnt that it’s far easier to call it soccer and have everyone understand, rather than leaving the North American people reading these words wondering if I mean the round version of football, or the prolate spheroid version.)

Written by Craig

September 23rd, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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  1. I remain firmly on the snobby cloud I'm afraid…


    24 Sep 09 at 09:33

  2. The 'soccer' thing was invented by middle class Nick Hornby types anyway.
    When I was a kid people said soccer or football. I've got loads of 'soccer' annuals at home – The Kevin Keegan Soccer annual, The George Best Soccer annual. It was only the late 80s when people started complaining about the word. Before then it was all about the US version being played with your hands not your feet, so it couldn't be 'foot'ball.


    24 Sep 09 at 16:27

  3. More lovely graphs…

    Ah, a small nit pick, but on the all teams one, there's a slight shading difference for the block around the star for the champions. Not sure it's deliberate, but I find it a tiny bit distracting for an otherwise excellent graphic…

    Soccer and football for me, but that's so that I can pretend that I know something about Gaelic football…


    Conor Cahill

    24 Sep 09 at 20:46

  4. Conor, your eyesight must be awesome if that is distracting. Not entirely deliberate, no, it was just done during the design process and I forgot to change it to the same yellow when I did the PNG version.


    25 Sep 09 at 14:48

  5. OR, USA visitors could 'try' to accept that when someone says a word it doesnt always mean the same thing as what theyve grown up with.
    I mean we do it ALL the time in TV shows,books & films. I cant recall a single instance of an USer using the word 'Gridiron' or something to define American Football in case Europeans,South Americans,Asians mistake it for Association Football.
    Its not the use of it,its that we tend to always have to comply with their language hegemony.
    No high horses in sight Craig , its really not about pomposity or some nonsense about patriotism. Its just that its ok to stick with the cultural norms you were born to.


    27 Sep 09 at 17:26

  6. Oh just to add & this really should go without saying but Ill say it none the less just to be clear.
    This is your blog, you can title any post as you like & if your readers dont like it then nuts to them. Easy.

    In saying that Id never have left the first comment had it not been that your readers, me being one, had not been categorized as snobby & therefore pompous because we disagree with your conclusion about using the word Soccer to make life easier.
    Its not judgemental, its just that Ive come to a different judgement to you.


    27 Sep 09 at 17:38

  7. Oh ALSO: Soccer AM. One of the most popular football shows in England, produced by the biggest football providers in the UK.

    Leebo, you're quite right, each to their own. But it just annoys me when people claim 'no-one says soccer in the UK' – when about half the football-going public will happily talk about stuff on Soccer AM without getting angry it's not Football AM


    28 Sep 09 at 17:44

  8. This is SKY though isnt it? Soccer AM. Ive never had SKY (& never will) so Im only familiar with it through knowledge of the bloody awful presenters other work.
    I find SKY to be the most non indigenous of channels so it doesnt surprise me its Soccer AM.

    *dont mind me I just hate Murdoch & his evil brood


    29 Sep 09 at 03:35

  9. Leebo,
    "…its that we tend to always have to comply with their language hegemony." England as victim in this regard? Pleeease! The language in question is English for god's sake. Try entering England & empire into your favorite search engine.

    kraig with a k

    30 Sep 09 at 00:24

  10. Kraig with a K.. I have no idea what the blazes you mean by that? Try entering England and Empire into my favourite search engine? Its google btw.
    Just to be clear, before you blow your top.Again.
    I was saying that English speakers who blog or write or even make TV programmes tend to have to translate (& I use that word casually & not in any real sense) for USA English readers so they dont misunderstand. I think this a disservice to any reader where ever they originate from.
    People in the British Isles have no problem grasping that if a USer writes Football he will mean American Football, when an Australian writes it he probably means Aussie Rules etc etc But for some reason English writing that crosses national boundries seems to have to default to USA understanding. I think this is wrong. You disagree. Fine.
    I now wonder if your point is that people in the USA HAVE to speak English because of the British Empire etc. Surely that cant be your point?


    5 Oct 09 at 05:23

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