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I’m not really feeling it at the moment. I came back to Berlin hoping that I’d hit the ground running and feeling like writing about the day-to-day stuff would be as normal and fun as it has been for the last two years on my travels and in the States. It’s not turned out that way yet, unfortunately. Mostly, I think due to it taking a very long time to get settled; something that still isn’t done. It took me three months to get into an apartment of my own, and after three weeks in this apartment (a lovely apartment in a fantastic neighbourhood, by the way) it’s still sparsely decorated (I’ve not got around to buying a fridge or TV yet), and that wonderful wonderful German customer service means that I’m not being hooked up with an Internet connection until at least the 27th of this month. Blows my mind how it can take a month to do that, but aside from making me grumpy, the net result is not feeling like my life is straightened out and ready to begin again. Still, it could be worse: at least my caps are in alphabetical order…

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October 19th, 2009 at 10:11 am

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  1. And the little plastic sailor's out too I see.

    Ian Mac

    20 Oct 09 at 15:59

  2. Ooh look you've spelt my name


    20 Oct 09 at 22:30

  3. Love the Pilots hat. I have one too.


    20 Oct 09 at 23:58

  4. Ian: yeh, it's good to see him again.

    Mark: nearly NYOOPS.

    Dan: I'm glad someone else likes the Pilots cap! I think it's awesome, but most people tend to think it's a bit silly.


    21 Oct 09 at 13:43

  5. I meant


    (I know there's another letter in there but i can't read it)


    21 Oct 09 at 17:21

  6. Your apartment doesn't come with a
    fridge? That blows my mind.


    22 Oct 09 at 05:22

  7. It is a bit odd, isn't it?


    22 Oct 09 at 09:12

  8. Perhaps the former renters really loved the fridge and took it with them?


    22 Oct 09 at 18:16

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