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The chosen ones

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Written by Craig

October 13th, 2009 at 11:25 am

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  1. i've got the roxy music one, don't you think the lady on the right looks quite manly in her facial features?


    13 Oct 09 at 13:41

  2. Yay! you have your records again!
    Feels good don't it?


    13 Oct 09 at 16:51

  3. ooh Idha. I loved that CD. It was an impulse buy in HMV Liverpool one day. Only later did I find it to be ace & she was the Wife(?) of the bassist from Ride (the one whos in Oasis now I think.


    13 Oct 09 at 20:16

  4. Impulse buy for me, too. Hmmm, pretty lady on the cover of a record… Wife is correct.


    14 Oct 09 at 09:38

  5. Wonder if shes still making music now?


    15 Oct 09 at 00:51

  6. Wikipedia only has the two albums listed…


    18 Oct 09 at 17:24

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