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I don’t like sultanas

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Back in the early days of my flying between Berlin and London on British Airways, you used to get a sandwich. I’m quite sure that a decade or two earlier, you’d probably have eaten a giraffe steak or something, but it’s a different time now, and you get a small bag of mixed shit that they call “skybitesgold.”

The concept that anyone with a human-sized mouth could bite any of the individual items in the bag is laughable. And the little tag line (“fly. nibble. enjoy.”) makes me wanna punch someone. But, being an idiot who enjoys graphs, I thought I’d make one using all the different things inside the bag. I was on the same flight as the Foo Fighters, but they were in the business class section, so they were probably eating the giraffe steak, not skybitesgold. Click here for larger image.

Written by Craig

November 10th, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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  1. You know, it is probably somebody's job to decide how many of each thing go into those packets. And then employ some factory slaves to do it.


    10 Nov 09 at 12:36

  2. I got this on my flight from London to Glasgow last week. Disgusting. I hate every ingredient. Last time they gave me a slice of questionable looking pork pie – which my bf also got once and couldn't even identify as a food he'd previously encountered in his lifetime.

    Credit crunch = munchies?


    10 Nov 09 at 18:06

  3. I see sunflower seeds and raisins. What are the other bits? Next time they will probably charge you for this birdseed.


    12 Nov 09 at 08:21

  4. Matt: you're quite right; there must be.

    Nicole: Pork pie? On a flight? Somehow that seems inappropriate.

    Lisa: Next time the stewardess will open a tube of Pringles and go along offering them to passengers. Don't take more than two!


    18 Nov 09 at 01:48

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