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One sensor, a button, and some paper towels

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It’s taken me a while to deliver the third part of my epic “Washing My Hands in Art Museum Restrooms” trilogy, but finally it’s here. After “Two Sensors, a Button, and a Sensor That Doesn’t Work,” filmed at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and “One Sensor, a Button, and a Squirty Thing,” filmed at Denver Art Museum; here’s “One sensor, a button, and some paper towels,” filmed at the Saatchi Gallery this afternoon.

Written by Craig

November 2nd, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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  1. Bravo, sir! It was truly worth the wait.


    3 Nov 09 at 12:19

  2. Paper Towels?


    3 Nov 09 at 15:56

  3. Thanks, Jackie.

    Bar-Bar-A: what are they called in the US?


    3 Nov 09 at 18:32

  4. no…I mean that the first two videos in this series feature air-drying, which sounds funnier. ha.


    5 Nov 09 at 15:35

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