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A year ago today, I got on an Air India flight from Heathrow to Newark. At the time, all that was on my mind was seeing friends in New York and spending Christmas with other friends in Bellingham; a last hurrah of travelling before returning to life in Berlin. Things turned out slightly differently as has been well documented on these pages, and I ended up staying for 218 days. I’ve been re-reading blog entries from that time in the States lately, and while I am more than wont to be a grass-is-greener kind of person, the conclusion I’ve come to is really simple: I miss being there. Berlin is lovely and all, a perfect place to live in many, many ways, and I can definitely see myself being happy here; but I wish I was still in the States. On a day-to-day level, I miss regular things. I miss being asked if I want my cappuccino wet or dry. I miss good Mexican food. I miss service-with-a-smile. I obviously miss my friends. I miss one of their sports. I miss New York, Seattle, and Portland. I’ve even started to have fonder memories of Bellingham. I find myself looking through photographs often. I open Google Maps and walk around downtown Portland; I follow my bus journey in Bellingham; I marvel at how great Las Vegas looks from above. Hopefully, as time goes by, I’ll get over this, stop swimming in melancholy, and the feeling that somewhere more appropriate to what I want from life will disappear as Berlin fully becomes that place. That’s the end of today’s self-pity. More iPod drawing shite tomorrow.

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December 3rd, 2009 at 5:14 pm

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  1. definitely a case of the grass being greener… not sure where you were hanging out, but i've never been asked about a wet or dry cappuccino. annoyingly, i get asked what kind of milk… i wish we just had one kind of milk here… whole milk (you probably don't have that problem there in europe).


    3 Dec 09 at 19:42

  2. Move to Vancouver!!!
    Fuck the Berlin-schwin. :)
    Sorry for my use of profanity.


    4 Dec 09 at 16:36

  3. i'm a regular reader of your work, the travel stuff was great but also kind of a jab in the ribs each morning as i was sat at my desk… again and again and again. it brought back my own memories of heading off. In the past I've also gone on to google maps and re-lived certain routes and i find music has the biggest effect on me for remembering times and places.
    I know the grass is always greener but f**k time goes fast!
    i haven't made it to the states yet, and desperately want to go. Out of interest, is it difficult in terms of visas to go the states and work?


    7 Dec 09 at 17:57

  4. ps. i like girls in work clothes and pumps.


    7 Dec 09 at 18:44

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