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Self portrait at Schönleinstrasse

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Self portrait at Schönleinstrasse U-bahn station. Drawn using Brushes application on the iPod touch/iPhone. More of my finger painting in the Much Fuck It’s Drawing section.

Written by Craig

December 15th, 2009 at 9:58 am

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  1. holy mother of fuck. that one is brilliant. goddammit, how can someone do that on an iphone?

    is there a 'higher' resolution of these possible? (for print-outs for example?)


    15 Dec 09 at 11:48

  2. Thanks, Max. This one did take a fair while longer than most. Kept adding to it here and then whenever I was waiting for the subway, then posed in front of the mirror for the self-portrait bit.

    Here's a slightly higher res version.


    15 Dec 09 at 12:04

  3. It was nice of you to leave out the heroin dealers/users.

    The Bulkeleys

    15 Dec 09 at 12:05

  4. Great shiny bit on the tiles


    15 Dec 09 at 12:46

  5. But I thought you were made of pixels..? You look like a real man there.


    15 Dec 09 at 14:32

  6. no. he's pixels.


    15 Dec 09 at 15:39

  7. Yeah this one is great. Did you get
    a new coat?


    15 Dec 09 at 16:46

  8. Man, the shine on those tiles is fantastic. You are doing some amazing stuff on brushes.


    17 Dec 09 at 20:55

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