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Unfinished Sympathy

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I’ve been feeling a bit lifeless for the past month or so. Mostly I’ve been preparing paintings for Back to the Future IV, my forthcoming exhibition in Düsseldorf. I’ve not really been enjoying the work, or life for that matter. But the clouds are looking like they might be parting. I’ve been doing some stuff on the Flip Flop Fly Ball site, and that’s cleared my mind a bit. I did a painting I actually like yesterday, too. And last night, about 1am, I had an idea. It’s the first time in a very very long time I’ve had an idea that has made me get out of bed to start working on it. I did that until 5am, and when I woke at 11.30am, I started on it straight away. It’s finished now. So with apologies to Massive Attack and Google, here’s a recreation of the Unfinished Sympathy video made with Google Street View. It’s about 15MB, so it might take a while to load.

Update 29 Jan: A few people have emailed and mentioned a couple of things I should address. First, every possible screengrab from Google Street View has been used. There are no missing frames, and that’s why some images stay on screen for ten or more seconds. If there were more possible images, I’d have used them.

Second, I could have made it shorter, made the screengrabs a bit more animate-y. I pondered it, but felt that the idea to match up as best as possible with what you see on Google Street View dictated having it full length. Plus, I really enjoy just staring at seemingly boring streets. And I kind of like the idea of leaving it up to you to envisage where Shara Nelson would be on the street.

Here’s a Google Maps link so you can see it for yourselves. And here’s a YouTube link to the real video.

Written by Craig

January 28th, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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  1. can we have the verve's bittersweet symphony next please? thank you!


    28 Jan 10 at 20:28

  2. I cannot stand that song, so I'm afraid not. Sorry.


    28 Jan 10 at 20:30

  3. Woo. Nice one homes. That cheered me up no end. Took me back – and played it alongside the vid on YouTube, spot-on

    Nice touch with the font on grey at the end too


    28 Jan 10 at 21:48

  4. This website reminded me of you. Did you know it? Pretty strange maps indeed: http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/


    1 Feb 10 at 13:16

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