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I have no real opinion on the re-working of We Are the World. I watched the video and realised how few modern singers I can recognise. We’ve had a couple of re-workings of the Band Aid song; they come and go, and we don’t remember anything about the re-workings apart from that they’re not the original. I guess it’s possible that for 15-year-olds, this could be their definitive version of We Are the World. The main thing I noticed though was Brian Wilson. One always gets the feeling that he doesn’t really know what’s going on. I’ve seen him live a few times, and I never got the feeling that he wouldn’t rather be at home with a tub of ice cream. He looks so out of place in the We Are the World video. But more than that: why the fuck is Al Jardine in the front row?

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February 13th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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