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Back to the Future IV

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This weekend, on Saturday, my exhibition at the Nina sagt Kunstgalerie in Düsseldorf opens. The show is called Back to the Future IV. It’s an exhibition of twenty-one paintings done over the past four months. You wouldn’t really know it to look at them, but it has been one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever worked on. Mostly because sitting there, in front of an easel, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the past couple of years of my life. And while there’s no real unifying theme that you’d be able to tell from looking at the paintings, I guess that is the theme: trying to take stock of my thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth years as a human being. Obviously, I will return to my reptilian form shortly, but it felt like a good thing to reflect on those things. I’m not sure you can tell that there’s any element of taking stock by looking at the work, but it does kinda sum things up for me. And doing the work has made things a little clearer in my head.

Frankly, I’m really nervous about the show. I’m usually confident about the work that I do; over-confident possibly. But not this time. I’m shitting my pants. My friend Hanni came around last night to look at the paintings. She liked what I’d done, and more than anyone, I trust her eyes, so I’m feeling a bit better about it all. All of which is a rather poor way of saying: if you’re in Kraftwerk’s home town between 27 February and 20 March and have a free moment, you can see some of my stuff at Nina sagt Kunstgalerie, Talstra├če 118, Düsseldorf. I’ll be there for the opening night thingy this Saturday, so, y’know, feel free to say hello; I’m not as grumpy as I might look (well, sometimes I am, but on Saturday I won’t be, hopefully).

Written by Craig

February 23rd, 2010 at 8:44 pm

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  1. Wish we could be there, Craig, and see these in person. Hope it's a fun night…


    23 Feb 10 at 21:39

  2. Man, I want to see that! Make sure to take good pics/vids.



    23 Feb 10 at 23:48

  3. loads of luck for saturday craig, would really love to be there.
    M xx


    24 Feb 10 at 18:52

  4. Yes good luck and wish i could be there!


    25 Feb 10 at 05:29

  5. grumpy…haha. Wish we could be there.


    25 Feb 10 at 19:12

  6. good luck for sat. craig hope it all goes well. maybe i'll be able to say i once knew a famous artist!
    best wishes beryl x


    26 Feb 10 at 09:52

  7. Good luck Craig.Will be thinking of you. Big Glen x


    26 Feb 10 at 14:38

  8. Thank you all. x


    26 Feb 10 at 20:09

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