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Damn girl

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Damn girl you are so sweet and humble!
Damn girl scout cookies can’t stop eaying ya…nom nom nom
Damn girl stop throwing yourself @ this dude.
Damn girl u luv u sum burgerz huh? Lol

damn girl…2 hours? Smh yall females
Damn girl busted again
Damn girl, your taking forever to come back
damn girl i hope everything works out

damn girl! Ahaha i could easily say the same.
damn girl we use to be friends
Damn girl !! You know we gone get to it tooooooniiiiight toooooonight tooooniiight tooooniiiight!
damn girl get a job there

damn girl, you hurt my side when you said that….
damn girl u must b bored lol
Damn girl! Lol
damn girl, yu gained weight!!

damn girl you dont need this shit.
damn girl tv, couches wat else.
damn girl hand it over til i check out all the hotness :P
damn girl hahaha

damn girl i respect everything ur doing
damn girl where u stay at??
damn girl damn yous a sexy chiiick

Damn girl, why aren’t we facebook friends?
Damn Girl! You’s A Sexy Chick!
damn girl you got ass like that I know I gotta follow you lol
Damn girl u broke.

Damn girl! I need to learn from you..except I have no booty so there goes that.
Damn girl, growl like a bear
Damn Girl, Is You Ever Gonna #ShutTheHellUp ?
Damn girl!!! I wanna b wit u 4eva!!


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Written by Craig

February 13th, 2010 at 1:12 am

Posted in Silly

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  1. growl like a bear?


    13 Feb 10 at 06:00

  2. So THAT's what Twitter is for! Communal unconscious poetry generation. Cool.


    18 Feb 10 at 14:33

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