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A bit late, but here’s some photographs from my exhibition “Back to the Future IV” at Nina sagt, Düsseldorf. Thanks to Nina’s dad for some of the photos. At the bottom is a a photo of all but one of them together on my wall before I left for the show. There’s a key thingy there, too, with the titles.

1. Coffee stand
2. Fuck peacocks, I’m a pigeon
3. MGM Grand hotel casino
4. Keith
5. Slice of Antarctica
6. Baseball player
7. Baseball diamonddd
8. Crucifix hoop
9. Tube dancer on Sugar Loaf Mountain
10. Self portrait eating a hot dog
11. New born bird
12. I am a friendly fish
13. Vacant lot on Las Vegas Blvd.
14. Bellagio fountain pool
15. Cheeseburger
16. Soccer field in winter
17. Aggressive cloud
18. Chair on fake grass
19. Vapid cunt
20. Hole in a cave or a pile of salt in a cave

The one painitng that’s not in this group shot is called Die Brotchen Maschine – it’s the middle one in the fourth photo from the bottom – and it depicts the two things I think of when I think of Germany: bread and Kraftwerk.

Written by Craig

March 30th, 2010 at 5:16 pm

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  1. Awesome! And it looks like you sold at least one too…


    31 Mar 10 at 12:45

  2. Love the crucifhoop! Re: baseball diamonddd: Who’s on Fifth??


    31 Mar 10 at 20:22

  3. Thank you.

    No, Who’s on First, Walt!


    1 Apr 10 at 00:13

  4. Yey! nice to see all of them.
    You look like you were having sooo much fun. :p
    Are any of them still available to buy?


    1 Apr 10 at 03:34

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